Amelia was a 36 years old single woman who wasn’t much to look at…

She’s my cousin Marc’s wife Amelia is his wife Amy’s older sister. Amelia has no kids or husband, with no huge successes in life. She works as a gas station clerk while living with her 26 year old  sexy sister  Amy and my cousin. Marc has been attending medical school for the last 3 years. Marc has kicked ass, while shooting for his surgical degree. I’ve always been close to Marc and extremely proud of him. His best friend since grade school, Franklin, a sadistic bastard is going to the same medical college as Marc. Amelia wasn’t the sharpest nor prettiest girl in the group. She had long mousy brown hair, brown eyes, stands 5’8” about 180lbs, little tits and a flat ass. People have made fun of Amelia ever since I can remember back in elementary school.

One evening a group of us were hanging out, drinking, snorting & smokin’ bud.

When I heard my med friends talking about some very bizarre experiments for their human body studies. They had debates on how much pain and trauma the body can withstand before it breaks down completely. It was quite interesting to hear how deep and dark their conversations got. Honestly, I thought they were just talking shit. I went out of town for a few weeks for work. When arriving home, I immediately noticed Amelia wasn’t hanging around like usual. I asked Marc where she was, he said she was being punished for resisting them. Resisting what you sadistic bastard? Marc informed me that Amelia volunteered to be their human medical experiment. But she resisted immediately, so they’ve got her confined in the basement.

My cousin Marc is a sadistic bastard, I didn’t trust what he was telling me.

I demanded to see Amelia right then and there. Marc and Franklin led me down to the basement. Finding her butt ass naked, hanging from her wrists by a leather strap and chains, attached to the ceiling. Legs slightly spread, chained to 2 stakes in ground, tip toes touching the floor. Amelia had a red ball gag in her mouth, with what looked like flesh wounds covering her entire body. I stood there in complete shock. After only 5 minutes of being in the basement, 3 men stomped down the steps. They walked straight over to Amelia while pulling their pants down. I witnessed 3 strange men press their cocks up against her pussy and ass. They started raping her ass and cunt at the same time.

Still in shock, I started yelling…”You sadistic bastards, what the fuck are you doing?”

No one heard me, I was invisible to everyone but Amelia. The third man began punching her face, tits and stomach with all his might. Leaving red welts that will soon turn to huge bruises. This sadistic bastard was calling her every name in the book. The sadistic bastard doctors in training told the men to fuck the gimp up. They stuffed her vagina with three 9″ cocks, while tall three men fit their fist’s her asshole. Pile driving her fucking holes. Amelia’s blood soaked their skin. As I’m watching, I notice what looks like chunks of skin cut out of her arms, ass, thighs and breasts.

Sickened, yet intrigued by her mutilated, bruised up body, I couldn’t look away.

When the torturous sex was over, the doctors handed the 3 men a scalpel, in which they each gouged a chunk of flesh off her body. She was pimped out every day for 2 weeks, 20 to 50 men a day. Followed by the evil instructions of sadistic bastards Mark and Franklin. Amelia’s had a cattle prod electrocuting the inside of her vagina before men attacked her charred cunt. Those sadistic bastards handcuffed her to the toilet. That’s where her rapes took place, while she was shit and pissed on. Her meals consisted of cum, piss and shit…no more, no less. These sadistic bastards loved to see layers of crusty body fluids that accumulated on her face in just the matter of a day.

Marc and Frank were amazed at Amelia’s resilience…

We learned she actually loved being dominated, but more importantly, a hardcore masochist. Fucking sadistic surgeons in training were far from done and ready to step up their research! 

Keep an eye out for the insane outcome of my cousin’s medical experiment with Amelia.

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