Saddle up big boy for the cowgirl

I get asked all the time what my fave position is, well I have MANY but my all-time fave is reverse cowgirl. I am a take-charge girl in the sack and this position gives me complete control. I can mount that hunk of a man and ride that joystick however I want. I love the way being reversed rubs me inside and hits my “G” spot just right.

I usually get a nice mix of slow and sensual with wild and intense, that I like. I lay you on the bed, straddle your hips with that sweet, perfect ass facing you. You watch your hard, throbbing cock stretching that tight pussy as it enters me and slowly disappears deep inside me. I slowly raise that ass, squeezing your cock  as it strokes my pussy deep inside. You can watch round ass moving up and down on your lap.  Every stroke you can see your cock getting wetter and slicker with my pussy nectar. It is so easy for me to reach down and start rubbing my click as I am filled with cock. This makes me really start grinding on that dick, using my hips to move you around in me, hitting me deeper and harder. Until my pussy starts to quiver, tightening and you know I about to squirt pussy juices all over your cock. You get a front-row seat as your dipstick gets drenched in girlie jiz. It drips down to your balls.

Now we are really slick as or bodies move together and I start to really bounce that ass up and down on your cock. Your place your hand on my hips just above that sweet, round ass; pushing me down harder on you. My wild stallion, you start to buck. Thrusting your hips up as I bring my pussy down on your groin. Our movement becomes harder, faster, and deeper. Until the plunging the last thrust where you blow your cum load deep inside my hot, wet tight little hole.  As I slowly slide off your softening dick you see your cum and my juices dripping down your shaft and out of my pussy lips.

Reverse cowgirl is just a wet and wild ride darling, and I am always ready to saddle up!

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