I was doing a call last night, and sharing stories with one of my favorite guys.  We share a similar lifestyle of family play, swinging, bbc, and just all the good stuff.  In the middle of our chatting, I was reminded of a story, or rather an encounter with a young and hung a while back.

This friend of my son’s had stopped over to pick up a book for school.  At the time, my son was running a quick errand, so I handled this, as only your naughty mommy could.  I seduced him.  I had my way with him.  I took his young cock and made it mine.

There was already a built in trust between this one and I.  His mother had walked out on him and his father a few years before, and she and I were friends.  She had some issues and had asked me to look after him. Of course, what were friends for?

He would come over at night, and snuggle close to me in my bed.  He would call me in the middle of the night crying.  I consoled him, as a good mother would.  But this was the first time that I had felt he was really ready for the special mommy love that I have to give.

With trust having long been established, as he was lying on top of me, post ejaculation, he whispered that he had posted an ad on an online service to suck a man’s cock.  He had gotten a response, and he wondered if maybe I would be there for his first time.  Of course mommy would!  And I felt him cock jump inside of me and get hard all over again.  I whispered in his ear about how his lips would reach around it, and he would suck and stroke it hard.  His own slobber dripping down that rod until their cum and spit mixed together for a cum suckers cocktail.

He shot another giant load in me, and apologized for being so sensitive to the idea.

It was at that moment that I grabbed my phone and texted my son and asked him to hurry home.  I had a surprise for him.  I got “Joe” cleaned up in the shower, and slipped on a pair of my panties over his cock.  I reached for a blindfold out of my nightstand and got him ready.  I told him that he didn’t need an online service in my  house and to wait right there, and I would be right back.

I heard my son walk in, and I hurried downstairs to fill him in.  Of course he wanted a blow job. And he knew this would be “joes” complete induction into our family.  He followed me up and I stroked him the whole way.  By the time we got back into my room, he was fluffed and ready to go. I love fucking in the family.

I got down on my knees next to Joe and gave my son’s cock a sweet kiss before I pulled it in to Joe’s lips.

You know, I love being a naughty mommy and I am so glad that memory came back into my head last night.  There are so many to pick from, but that was a great one.

I am not a fan of online sites for casual encounters.  Never really have been, but I have also been very privileged to not need them.  Your expectations never really seem to match what the profile is.  I find phone sex is very different and a lot safer if you are skeptical.  It is a great way to take your fantasy to the next level without the real guilt coming in to play.  Of course, for me, it is nice, because I have so many experiences to draw on that, if you can dream it, I have probably already done it.

Joe is still a VERY active member of the family, by the way!  The induction went very well.

Call Sabrina for some mommy fun! 😉