Rule 34 Roleplay: How Snow White Really Got Her Naughty Name

Naughty rule 34 roleplay dictates that the lovely little Snow White’s naming could have come many ways. Of course, with the way that my kinky mind operates, the sloppier the better when it comes to being bad. This story is a naughty tale dreamed in my own perverse mind of how she really received her name.  I am sure you are already are aware, this has little to do with the milky complexion of her sweet soft skin.

Warning: Rule 34 Roleplay will get you hooked!

Enter the scene where a cute tight little teen snow white wakes up to a barrage of birds pulling back her curtains. She still lives at the palace at this point. Her hot little rags hang loosely past her sweet little nipple. Yawning and stretching she straightens her top and slides out of bed pulling her panties from her butt cleavage before walking to the wardrobe to slip into her skirt. It is daylight now, that means time for her to get to the chores before the jealous Evil Queen starts jumping her ass. That would not be in a pleasant way either. That is a story for another Disney Princess.

As she cleans and stands at the well to gather water for the castle her sweet sexy voice attracts men.  The peeps of various studly woodsmen are all watching her from the bushes. She whimpers pulling her skirt up to her forehead to wipe the sweat from her brow. That is when the bushes begin to rattle and groan. It is the onlooking horny men seeing her perfect tiny bald pantyless cunt. Instantly, she jumped back shrieking, frightened of the loud noise. Quickly one of the men jumped from the bush to catch the fainting damsel.

It was then he realized his boner was helpless to her beauty

As she laid across his arms her top slid down her arm exposing her tiny little nipples to him. As much as he may try to resist it could not be helped. He leaned down and flicked his tongue along it. Her nipple stood to attention with the pleasure of tongue stimulating her. Suddenly she came to do with a sharp inhale as she stood to her feet. She tried to straighten her top to cover herself. It was really sweet she was trying to be so cute and modest. However, as the Woodsman adjusted the boner throbbing in his pants she could not hide her flattery. After an “Oh My,” he took that as his invitation to ravage her perfect body.

He lunged forward snatching her top from her. She gasped, pulling her dainty hands to either side of her cheeks. It was at this time two other woodsmen appeared from the forest, also tugging and pulling on their pants. Slowly they gathered around her pulling their pants off on approach. She let a soft whimper leave her lips are she watch their cock, all massive, appear in front of her. One pushed onto her head forcing her down to her knees. Her jaw dropped and opened seemingly automated. His stiff rod shoved deep into the back of her throat with a quick thrust. As she choked on his size she held both of her hands up to stimulate the other two woodsmen.

This is when the rule 34 roleplay gets…deep

The woodsmen did not care about the small size of the pretty fair-skinned princess. As adorable as the girl might have been she sucked cock with the efficiency of a real pro. The tiny little whimpers that expelled from her were enough to make any fuck stick stand completely erect. As one of the men ate her sloppy dripping cunt preparing it for insertion another was getting his lubed up with a rather sloppy blowjob. He grabbed her up by her waist and pulled her onto his cock stuffing deep into her pussy.

As she tossed her head back and let out a loud cry of ecstasy all three men let out equally as enjoyable groans. She continued to alternate sucking and jerking the other two gentlemen. Although, with one hand around her throat demanding she degrade herself they were far from gentle with her. She was happy to tell them she was their personal cum bucket, however. Then, right there at that moment, as eruptions of cum loads began to coat all over her body her new nickname was presented to her. The pretty seemingly innocent Princess was coated in a snow of white bucket loads of cum.

Naughty little thing.

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