There is no reason why this iconic duo of Jessica Rabbit and her half-wit cartoon rabbit husband Roger should not have been in your dreams as a kid. This lounge singer’s giant jugs were the envy of wide-eye brats who longed to be bimbos just like her. Making her the perfect rule 34 roleplay dream! Whereas, there were just as many boys who wanted to know just what Roger had. Whatever it was, they wanted the same so they could play with those jugs too! However, the answer was really quite simple. Roger Rabbit has himself a giant size dick, fit for any size Queen.

Rule 34 Roleplay For All Size Queen Lovers

That is right. Beneath her beautiful purple eyeshadow, Jessica Rabbit held a nice secret. She did not want anything less than 10 inches between her legs or her breast. Lucky for her, the day she stumbled into Roger on that film stage you could almost smell the size of his hidden present. She thought for a moment she might be kind of crazy going after another species. Although, one peek at him in the shower and she knew she had to wrap her lips around his quick fucking dipstick.

The Next Part Was Easy For Jessica.

Jessica was the gorgeous bimbo bombshell of any man’s dreams. She began speaking to Roger, pushing her tits in his face. In no time his eyes were full of stars and all he could focus on was her big tits. Being as he was a cartoon his rather large boner was very hard to hide. Instantly he jumped up and tore the dress open holding Jessica’s breast in place. He wanted to taste in his mouth. He bra holding her melons still, he drooled all over them. Roger ripped out his boner and thrust it under her yum yum bags giving her a big tit fuck.

Cum shot through the air and the pair fell in love. Just as any Hollywood romance would.

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