Rule 34 Roleplay; Someday Her Foot Fetish Prince Will Cum

The classic story is not very clear about the Prince’s attraction to Cinderella. After all, Cinderella was poor, uncultured, sexually inexperienced, and somewhat emotionally unstable, as her best friends were mice and birds. But, once again, Rule 34 roleplay comes to the rescue with a foot fetish!

As you know, the King of the realm was frustrated that his son, the Prince, was still unmarried. On occasion, the King would invite a princess from a neighboring kingdom to the palace. But, the Prince did not show interest in any of them. Then, the King devised an ingenious plan. He would organize a ball, and invite every eligible maiden of the kingdom. Surely, the Prince would be smitten with one of them.

But, the Prince had a secret that he dared not divulge to anyone. No maiden, no matter how beautiful or seductive, could provoke his passion. The only feminine attribute that could excite the Prince was pretty, sexy feet!

Oh, the unlimited possibilities of Rule 34 Roleplay!

Now, Cinderella was particularly gifted in this area. Her feet were small but exquisite. Her calves gracefully tapered into her ankles. She possessed high arches, and shapely, perfect round toes. Furthermore, despite her poverty, and her life of drudgery as a laborer, she took care of her feet. Each evening before bedtime, she would soak her feet in warm water and salt. She used a pumice stone to remove any dead skin. She even fashioned a homemade nail polish made from beeswax and egg whites.

The night of the ball finally arrived. The Prince looked over the dozens of maidens. He carefully studied both the winsome ones and the slutty-looking ones. He looked up and down at the buxom ones, as well as the ones with big bottoms.

Then, Cinderella arrived. She tried to appear refined and graceful to the Prince. But alas, she was unaccustomed to wearing high heeled glass slippers. So, she kept stepping out of the slippers, exposing her bare feet. From across the room, the Prince noticed Cinderella’s beautiful feet. Reflexively, he felt an erection grow in his royal trousers. He approached Cinderella and asked her to dance. During their dance, Cinderella tried to look deeply into the Prince’s eyes. But, his gaze was directed downward. But, Cinderella was not disappointed. She could feel the Prince’s considerable erection against her torso.

Who knew the Prince was such a foot fetish pervert?

Just then, the royal clock began to chime midnight. Fearful that her glass slippers might be turned into ordinary peasant shoes, Cinderella fled the ball. During the tumult, one of Cinderella’s slippers fell off. When the Prince heard the clock’s last stroke of midnight, he retired to his private chambers for his own stroking.

The Prince felt forlorn. He was hoping to feel Cinderella’s lovely feet in his hands, in his mouth, and on his cock. But alas, Cinderella was gone. The only consolation was that the palace guard had retrieved Cinderella’s slipper. So, the King issued a royal proclamation. The King’s courtiers would appear at every home in the kingdom. At each stop, every maiden would try on the glass slipper. If the maiden’s foot fit into the glass slipper, the Prince would be summoned. At last, the courtiers appeared at Cinderella’s home. Cinderella’s stepsisters’ feet were gross and ugly. So, the courtiers went directly to Cinderella. Her foot fit perfectly.

Suddenly, the sound of trumpets could be heard throughout the kingdom. Within minutes, the Prince, on horseback, appeared at Cinderella’s house. The Prince lifted Cinderella into his arms and took her back to the palace. Once at the palace, Cinderella teased the Prince with her feet before fucking him all night long.

And they lived happily ever after.

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