Rule 34 Roleplay: Doctor Hannibal Lecter’s Accomplice

I found Dr. Hannibal Lecter online on a fetish site. He said he was interested in a Rule 34 Roleplay that was a little more realistic. Honestly, at first aside from being interested in him, I thought it was a bit of a joke. After all, I have always been a fan of horror. However, still, I arranged a time to meet the man who had a large appetite for tasteful play. Directly upon meeting him, however, I could see this was exactly who I thought it was, there was no joke after all. In fact, as I reached him my heart began to flutter with both fear and anticipation.

A wide-mouth grin covered his face, as he questioned if I was ready for more than just rule 34 roleplay.

Then as I approached him I gulped back the saliva in my mouth and shook his hand. We began talking and he eased my worried assuring me that I was much too thin for his taste. He was after someone around my age, a nice tender veal. He also would seek to slowly marinate her before he cooked her and devoured her flesh. A bit apprehensive I told him I would think about it and then bid him farewell.

But then I saw a double D cup blonde teen beauty who made my mouth water.

All I could do was snap a picture and text it to him. In return a simple smiley face lets me know that I was in his good praise. I watched her at the frat party drinking. I was fairly certain she was around the age he desired, however, I knew her big breast and rump certainly were. Waiting until she was fully intoxicated I helped her to my car so she could lay down. With the heat on low and smooth jazz playing through my radio she passed out in my back seat giving me no fuss as I drove her to meet the good Doctor.

As I pulled into his garage I could not wait to reveal my surprise.

To my delight, he opened the truck and gasped with an admirable glace. Licking his lips he peered at me and told me she would do quite nicely. We proceeded to remove her and bring her into the bathroom. Here he had it set up to remove her clothing and body jewelry. I whimpered slightly as she sprayed her with water and I began to rub over her breast meat and cunt fillet. They were a perfect size and she was delicious indeed. After taking her to the counter and coating her with oil she would go into the oven.

Till she was good and done.

well done.

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