I had the MOST fun today – giving my best friend’s cheating husband a ruined orgasm!

I love tormenting him. It makes my pussy SO wet to cock tease him until he begs! being allowed to cum; to fuck me; to cum inside me and try to get me pregnant. No matter what he’s begging for, it’s always hot to deny him with a ruined orgasm. He denied ME, after all, of my ultimate impregnation fantasy! He got his wife pregnant before me. The guy can never give me a baby before her now, so I make him pay for ruining my fantasy!

He stopped by around noon, on his lunch break from work. We’ve been fucking a lot lately, so he had it in his mind that he was just going to drop in on me this afternoon, unannounced; and shove his dick inside me! Right then I decided; what better way to make him pay than a little ruined orgasm! I could tell by his behavior that ALL he was interested in was cumming. He was worried about HIS pleasure… not mine! That just didn’t suit me. I decided he would GET his precious orgasm – but I never said I would let it feel good! 😉

Soon enough, he had pushed me backward into my bedroom, his hands tearing at my clothes with urgency.

I let him think he was getting exactly what he wanted – for now. I’d have the last laugh. He got me undressed and sat me down on the end of the bed, pushing me backward until i was completely flat on my back, pussy scooted right up to the edge. Admittedly, I love the way he eats my pussy – so fucking eager; moaning and panting as he devours it, sucking down all my juices. I let him tongue fuck me; corkscrewing his tongue deeper and deeper into my juicy little cunt. He stopped just long enough to moan out the words that my pussy tasted so much better than his wife’s; then plunged his tongue back in again, over and over like a mini-cock. Before I knew it, I was cumming ALL over it, and I could feel his mouth rhythmically sucking at my pussy now… swallowing all my cum.

He stood up and looked down at me, smiling and wiping my mouth. Then he grasped his cock in one hand, moving to the bed, all ready to fuck. I closed my legs and smiled up at him, a devilish twinkle in my eye. The realization dawned on him that he wasn’t going to get to put his cock inside me today. He sighed as I opened the drawer to my bedside table and I got out the handcuffs and my lube. I shook the 4 sets of cuffs playfully as I got up, motioning for him to take my place on the bed.

Soon I had both arms and legs bound to the bed posts, and he was completely helpless.

I worked at his cock; edging, teasing, jerking slow, then fast. Whispering about my superiority to his sexually lazy wife as I worked him up, then backed him off. After about 30 minutes, he was pleading to cum, and saying he needed to get back to work. I laughed softly, but made no move to let him go OR make him cum. He still had NO idea that I was going to give him a ruined orgasm. He had already asked multiple times if I was going to let him cum. I told him yes, of course!

After another 15 minutes or so, I told him that he was finally going to get to cum. He was going to get release, at last! Relief from my sensual cock torture! His hips picked up speed and he was fucking into my hand, working towards blowing that heavy load weighing down his balls. He closed his eyes… his cock tensed in my hand. JUST as that first squirt of hot creamy goodness was about to shoot out? My hand clamped down HARD. His eyes flew open, and the look on his face was priceless!

Call me and I’ll cock tease you until your balls are blue and give YOU a ruined orgasm too! 

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