Feet Fetish : Let me make you my feet loving little bitch!

My cute little lickable toes. that I just got painted cherry red. so soft, so smooth. Come put them deep inside your mouth. what do you say, baby? I know you have a huge feet fetish. Having the perfect little feet just for you. seducing you with my toes. There is no holding back when it comes to my cute little feet.  making you squirm. because you want them so bad. but I won’t let you have them.

You need to prove to me that you deserve them. should  I let you have a taste? Have you been a good boy? listened to my every command? Made me happy and feel like the queen I am? I love to be spoiled and I desire nothing less. I’m kinda an attention whore. Catering to me makes your cock hard and it makes me like you even more. So let me see you stroke that cock.

Show me how bad you wanna see my sexy feet.

Let me cross my legs and put my feet on your lap while you stroke it. Is it turning you on too much? You better not cum yet. You haven’t asked for permission. I know you love looking at me. I am a very sexy naked college girl. Can you handle me teasing that tiny cock of yours? Maybe you aren’t big enough to excite me or maybe I just like poking fun at little dick bitches. I know you will love it. anything to get you closer to my feet right? So come on and let’s see what fun we can have. You have no idea how I can use your feet fetish against you! wanna find out?

let me tease you, let’s have some
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