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Have you ever been aroused by watching a girl like me have spontaneous orgasms one after another? Last weekend I got to entertain the local frat boys doing just that. I was the star of the show and there will be more to cum I assure you. Just the mere thought of getting fucked can send my pussy into spontaneous orgasms, leaving me soaking wet.

I’d met a frat boy at a local bar and fucked him one night in the back room.  He was fascinated how I could squirt and orgasm and not even lift a finger. Of course, the word got back to the party house of my talent and that’s how it got started.  I got a personal invite to their Friday night party, and I accepted of course. A festival of fucking, binge drinking and getting to spew cum all over the naughty MILF Roxy was just what the doctored ordered.

Those college boys had no clue what they were in for. Two of them started to strip off my slutty clothes and lead me over to the pool table to entertain them all. As I looked down at the room full of hard cocks, I reached up and grabbed the light fixture. My hips grinding in the air, I bit my lip as the first spontaneous orgasms ripped through my body. My fluids gushed from my pink box into one of their mouths. Just seeing him look up at me turned me on so much and I wanted to have them all begging me for more.

Tease & Deny?

As they cheered me on, it only increased my desire to cum over and over again. And as I looked around the room I realized that I was running the show. All these young, hot guys all wanted to fuck me, and I was more than willing to tease and deny all of them. I love being a naughty MILF tease! With lust in their eyes and cocks leaking pre-cum I spread my legs wide giving them all a good look at my goodie box. And that was just the start! One touch is never enough with me! Come find out just what you’ve been missing!

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