Virtual Reality Sex, Get Ready To Get Kinky.

Virtual reality sex! Now you can explore some fetish desires and make them seem even more life like.  My experience was one that will never be forgotten that’s for sure. Hearing about it and wondering what it was all about peeked my curiosity so much that this gal just needed to go check it out. Feels like your in a fantasy land. And were trying out anything is allowed! It’s like Disneyland for adults on a porn overdose!

This new technosexuality wave is really booming. And if you have listened in on my podcast, you know this girl LOVES toys! So rather than sit around and wonder about it, Roxy finally did it.  Seems like my kinky best friend always has the best hookups when she comes to visit.  And therefore this visit was off the charts. Walking into the place wondering what was in store got my adrenaline running. The excitement was contagious especially when the store owner told us we could play together.

Fantasy Land

Scrolling through the list of what we could experience was amazing. Can you guess what I wanted? Since my best friend was there a threesome experience sounded perfect. And to top it off, we each got to use a Sybian while doing it! If you aren’t aware of what that is, look it up. It’s the most powerful sex toy in the world some say. And trust me, it drives me wild! My own at home has been used so much it’s about time for a replacement.

When the program started playing it was so wild. And getting to place devices on our ‘intimate parts’ as the store owner called them was so arousing. Let’s just say when we finished that chaise lounge that what once was dry was now drenched! What’s on your kinky list? Come tell me all about it!

Incest Phone Sex!