Rough Sex has been happening to me a lot lately.

I think Rough Sex happens to me because I’m such a naughty little girl.

Every day’s a naughty day for me. I can’t help it, I just love hot sex so much and there’s nothing better than giving in to my desires. I was so horny last night and needed more than just my vibe to get me off.

So I hooked up with Brian, he’s the master of kink and always knows how to make my pussy gush. I told him I’d bought a new wand a few weeks ago and wondered if he wanted to come over and use it with me and he did but he also had a few ideas of his own.

He told me I was going to be wet and sore and that he had a new toy too: a paddle. I got naked but he kept his clothes on, tonight was all about me. He took charge as soon as I got my clothes off and he made me stand in the middle of the room as he looked over my body. Cupping my tits in his hands, he measured them and felt how soft and firm they were.

He pushed his hand between my legs and used his thumb to stroke the front of my smooth pussy. Then he walked behind me and gave my ass a couple of smacks, doing it until it started to sting. “Get on the bed,” he said when he was done and I did what I was told. Rough Sex was about to happen.

He got out his bag of toys and took out a blindfold. Putting it over my eyes, he tied it tightly then pushed a penis-shaped ball gag into my mouth. I bit down on it and he made me get down on all fours.

He took my wand and turned it on, sliding it slowly over my ass then down to my pussy. Sliding it back and forth a few times he then told me to hold it and put my hands between my legs. My face got buried in the pillow as I slid my arms under me and spread my legs. I held the wand against my pussy and the strong vibrations immediately got me wet. Moaning through the gag I closed my eyes as my pussy throbbed and my clit tingled.

I pushed against it because I couldn’t get enough of the feeling and he played with my asshole.  Squeezing around his finger as he pushed it inside after a few minutes I was close to cumming.

  Squirming around he took the wand away from me. I whined and he picked up his paddle, smacking it against his hand.

The sound made me tense up and he started spanking me with it. My pussy was so tender and it was hard to focus as he whacked my ass giving me Rough Sex. He did it hard and soft so I didn’t know how each hit would be and I was on edge. My ass felt tight and was burning hot when he stopped and I was in so much pain. I was trying to catch my breath when he shoved the wand against my pussy and held it there until I came.

He made me cum again and again because he wouldn’t take it off me and my pussy was so sore afterward. Even the littlest touch made me hiss and I felt all shaky. I was so scared about how much more pain was going to come when he left the wand wedged between the bed and my pussy then said to me “Let’s keep it there while I give you another spanking.”

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