Rough sex is awesome. 

Rough sex is wild and spontaneous.
It is intense.
Rough sex is even better with a stranger!

I had some of THE most intense, satisfying rough sex I’ve ever had a couple of weeks ago, in the midst of a huge snow storm!

My car slid into a ditch while I was out trying to get supplies before it got too bad to get home. Car after car went by without even slowing down. I tried calling everyone I knew, but either their cell phone signal was down because of the storm, or they couldn’t get out themselves to come and get me. I was just about to give up, load my arms with bags of groceries, and start walking, when a big black truck pulled up beside me. A deep voice rumbled out of it, asking if I needed help getting out o the ditch. I tried to look up and see the person I was talking to, but it was snowing way too hard.

The kind stranger pulled his truck in front of my car and grabbed the tow line connected to the winch of the back of his truck. He easily pulled me out of the ditch and motioned for me to get in my car. Once I was back inside, heat on, warming up, he came up to my window and I got my first peak of this curious stranger, willing to stop and help a damsel in snowy distress.

WOW! His eyes were beautiful! That was the first thing I noticed about him. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and blue eyes. Just the way I love them! He stuck his head into my car to catch a break from all the snow pouring down on him. He smiled, said hi, and introduced himself as “Tim”. Tim was worried I would slide into another ditch on the way home, or even into someone else.

He offered to follow me home in his huge truck, in case I needed a little more saving on the way.

I agreed. I was grateful for the help, and wanted to offer some niceness in return. A cup of hot chocolate maybe? Or perhaps, some intense-style country boy rough sex! You know I can’t help it guys. Not even a little. 🙂  Hot sex is never too far from the forefront of my brain! Especially when I get lucky enough to snag a hottie like this one!

He followed me home, and soon we were standing in the foyer of my house, dripping wet, throwing snow everywhere. He apologized, and I just laughed, helping myself out of my coat, and then him in turn. I took the wet coats and hung them on the fireplace mantle, then lined up our boots on the hearth, so they would get nice and warm and dry before he left again. However, if I had my way about it, that would be the next MORNING! I offered him some hot chocolate to warm him up. He politely declined, but he did so while looking my sexy body up and down. Not in the mood to be coy, I asked him if he would prefer some HOT rough sex to warm him up before he went back out into the cold.

I didn’t have to ask THAT question twice – no polite “no thank you” on that one! Before I was entirely finished with the sentence, he had already crossed the living room floor in 3 long strides and had me in his arms. Holding me tight; almost crushing me. I felt myself being pushed backwards until my back crashed into the hard, smooth wall. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Touching me; feeling me; exploring me. I felt my favorite pair of sexy panties being ripped off and tossed to the floor!

I ran my hands lightly over his shoulders and arms; so tight, and tone, and muscular! He pulled back long enough to tug up my t-shirt and rip open my front hook bra. Moaning, he took my hands and pinned them over my head, against the wall. Then I felt his hard body pressing tightly against mine again, making my nipples stand out and dig into his chest.

He forced his mouth down onto mine with almost brutal force, tongue invading my mouth, hungrily tasting and teasing my tongue. I could hear my own moans now. I get so fucking excited during rough sex! Wanted my hands all over him, but he kept my wrists pinned to the wall, easily held in one of his large, strong hands. His other hand was tugging at the button on his jeans. If he would just let me help him! I struggled against his grip on my wrists, which served to turn BOTH of us on even more.

I finally freed one wrist from his grasp, and before he could capture it again, my hand was inside his pants; pulling that hard cock out of his boxers and helping him get his pants down. I yanked at the top of his flannel shirt, anxious to do some ripping of my own. The buttons popped off and flew through the air, hitting the hardwood floors and rolling away.

I whispered hotly in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me. Not only that, but I wanted him to fuck me hard, and fuck me dirty. I wanted that thick, perfect cock buried in my tight little pussy. Right. Now. He didn’t stop, or even hesitate. There were no question about significant others, or protection. Just one hard shove and he was deep inside me, grinding into me; shoving me harder and harder into the wall behind me.

How dirty did our rough sex get? 

Call me and I’ll give you every little
dark and dirty detail!

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