Rough Sex Redux: Bring Back My Old Familiar Favorite

Dear Perverts…Although I’m not that old at the very ripe age of 29, I have noticed something…When it comes to what is popular or trendy in sex, things can fall out of favor. No one talks about plain ol’ rough sex anymore!

Certain things that were once popular really seem to fall to the wayside as we “advance” in our collective sexual desires.

Whoa, slow down with the academic talk, Justice.

I know, I know, but some days I start to wonder, whatever happened to women sucking their own nipples in porn, for example? So I haven’t seen anyone do that in years. 

I came of age in the era of rough, kinky vanilla sex.

What can I say? It was exciting, challenging, creative. “Porn style” fucking has been not just a fantasy to me, but my modus operandi. In my teenage years, porn was all about anal sex and the guys I knew were obsessed with anal. Rough anal. Thankfully I was the right girl for the job! But you know what I think about most? One (or two) guys with me and hot, no-frills rough sex. Not the type necessarily where I’m submissive either. Just no nonsense, no bullshit fucking. The kind that can get so out of control, I don’t know where the scratches and bruises came from.

I love feeling sore and bruised after sex.

I love it when my makeup is smeared and I have tears rolling down my cheeks and I can’t walk. Who doesn’t? But I think the thing that distinguishes rough sex for me is that it’s totally spontaneous. Depending on the mood, one of us could get choked, slapped in the face, bitten or burned. That really excites me. We all love nasty, rough sex though, right? Isn’t that one of the reasons why we play together so well?


Intense, nasty, rough phone sex is yours for the taking if you want it. All you have to do is call my name!

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