I Was used and abused last night during Rough Sex and have the bruises from being choked to prove it. I’m going to have to wear scarves or turtlenecks for the next few days but it was so worth it

I was in the mood for some Rough Sex and begged Ryan to give it to me. I texted a pic of me in my bra and panties on my bed and a hand on my pussy. So I knew that would get his attention and it only took him an hour to get here.

 I took him to the bedroom and playfully bounced on the end of the bed, asking him what he was going to do to me as he got undressed. He wouldn’t tell me though and when he was down to his boxers I sat still, grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me. I rubbed his dick a few times through them then tugged them down, making his dick spring up.

 Then I pumped it in my fist as I flicked my tongue over it and he shoved his fingers through my hair, holding me down. I put my lips around his head and he started pushing my head up and down, forcing me to suck him off. He made me swallow all of him and my throat and jaw were aching as my gag reflex kicked up.

 I felt him get harder and throb against my tongue as I slid up and down him and after a few minutes, he yanked my head back.

His dick slipped out of my mouth and he climbed on the bed. I shuffled under him until we were comfortable then he held my legs open and looked at my wet pussy. I was so horny that my lips were already juicy and he gave them a couple of smacks, making me whimper and try to shut my legs.

 He didn’t like me whining and slapped me across the face hard as he told me to shut up. This was just the kind of Rough Sex I wanted and I smiled which made him smack me again but harder. It made my eyes water and my face sting and I wanted more. He leaned over me and I groaned as his dick pushed into me, going in deeper and deeper.

His hands slid over my tits and went higher as he started fucking me and I shivered as his fingers went around my throat Choking me. My nipples turned into a hard little point as he slowly squeezed it and a rush of fear went through me even though I knew he wouldn’t really hurt me. Every time he thrust forward his hands pushed hard into me and my pussy was aching badly.

My chest tightened and it got harder to breathe as his fingers dug into me and he Choked me harder.

He grunted and rammed his dick into me while I thought I was going to pass out. I put my hands on top of his and tried to get them off me but he was too strong. I got panicky and was glad when he eased up but it didn’t last long because soon his fingers were tight around me again.

 It was hard to focus on anything but my body went with what his dick was doing to me and my hips were rolling up as I got more desperate.

I thought I was going to die when his hands clamped down and everything got blurry as he came.

He got off me and I took deep breaths as cum leaked out of me. I hadn’t cum yet but he wasn’t going to leave me hanging, he was just getting ready for the next part.

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