Rough sex is fantastic gentleman. I had a date yesterday and couldn’t wait to share it with you all. What makes this blog so fun is that it actually happened! Nothing makes my pussy wetter then

rough sex. I bet it’s hard for you to believe I enjoy it so much. So we took a nice drive through a remote area and flirted. This would be our third date so I was very comfortable with him. Tom and I were harassing one another in his truck and just being kids at heart. I am very ticklish under my arm pits and he took advantage of that.

To get back at Tom, I pulled his big dick out of his pants (It really is big) and started to give him a teasing hand job. I leaned down and licked his cock a few times and then put his cock back into his pants. Of course he was frustrated and said I was gonna get it.

Tom pulled the truck over in front of a small pathway. He told me to get out and follow him. I laughed and refused to exit the truck. He wasn’t having any of it, so he came around and yanked me out. He held both my hands firmly behind my back along with a tight fist in my hair.

We walked for about 10 minutes and then I felt my belt being undone. It’s one of those fabric belts with the double metal rings. He yanked it off and bound my arms together.  Tom tossed my onto the ground and ripped my shoes, pants and panties off.

I fought him the entire time, I wanted rough sex bad. He slapped my pussy and told me to hold still. Of course I didn’t though. I rolled onto my stomach and tried to get on my knees. Stupid mistake! His cock was out and down my throat.

I gagged pretty hard and had spit down my chin. After he had enough and took me by the neck and pushed me back hard. I fell onto my back while my legs were ripped from under me. Fighting I tried to get away, Tom is stronger and bigger. He pressed his lips to mine in a rough kiss. Toms cock pushed into my very wet pussy. Tried to wiggle away a little until he laid his full body onto mine.

Tom pulled out and flipped my onto my stomach and pulled my torso up so I was in the doggy position, His cock rammed into my ass. I kick you not I was so turned on it only hurt for a minute. I felt like such a dirty little slut enjoying the rough sex he doled out.

Pulling out of my ass he took a minute to take the condom off. It felt like my hair was being ripped out when he whirled me around to drink his cum.  Fucking my face I tasted him shooting his load down my throat.

This is just a summery of the fun I had. If you want the full skinny on it, give me a call!



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