Rough Sex is the Best Sex!

Rough sex and Kitty go hand in hand.  I tend to be a little more on the dominant side, but its nice to have a man boss me around and put me in my place from time to time.  Sometimes I need a man to pull my hair, smack my ass, and pound my pussy like he fucking owns it.  Rough sex isn’t for the faint of heart and I love to take a good beating!

Just yesterday my new boyfriend came over.  He loves rough sex just as much as I do which makes us a great couple.  I shot him the text every guys loves saying that I was horny and needed his cock!  I swear he was at my door within minutes.  He came in, pushed me up against the wall, held his hand to my throat and kissed me deeply.  He removed his hand and began ripping off my clothes like a hungry animal.

 I knew we were about to have some hot sex!

After my clothes were off, he got down to business.  He  told me to bend over and take his cock.  He grabbed a handful of my hair and rammed his cock deep into my cunt.  I screamed with shock as it plowed into my.  He told me to shut my whore mouth and be a good little slut for him.  I did what I was told and felt his hand begin to spank my ass with every thrust.  It was burning and cherry red, hand prints and all.  I felt my pussy gush as I came and squirted all over his cock.

  He loved to make me squirt.  If fact he loved it so much he forced me to my knees to suck my cum off his cock.  His dirty fucking cock whore couldn’t wait to taste him.  Holding the sides on my hair, he fucked my face until my eyes watered.  Mascara running down my cheeks, he plunged deeper and deeper down my throat.  I felt him cum flooding my mouth as he ordered me to swallow.

Rough sex is the Best Phone Sex! What are you waiting for?