Apparently all it takes a rough sex gif or two to get me slicker than a baby seal.  I’m sure you won’t take advantage of that information.

I got sent a rough sex gif this week that sent my pussy into an absolute frenzy. There were several really. I’ve been trading messages back and forth with a sexy studmuffin that is playing a little hard to get. Or maybe he just loves the effect his teasing has on my pussy. Obviously, I can’t help it.  I love detailed sex stories but seeing those dirty clips being played over and over again makes my pussy throb with anticipation.  I want him to do all those things I saw in the gifs.

Firstly, seeing those faces contorted in the delicious mixture of pleasure and pain had me dripping down my thighs.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of the way they manhandled those dirty sluts. Those big dick welding bastards grabbed those thick, juicy hips, digging their fingers into the supple flesh of their lovers. Because of the forceful thrusting, their heavy, full breasts bounced and jiggled.

I couldn’t help myself.

I had to touch my tender cunt.  My fingers found my pulsing clit and circled around it, making me moan. Then, I slipped my fingers inside me to feel how wet and warm he was making me.  My tight pussy gripped my fingers and enveloped them In hot slick juices.  I tucked my finger against my puckered love button and pressed against it with my slippery fingers.  I want him to stretch my sloppy wet holes over his throbbing cock and bury them to the hilt like that. I’d love to be his little fuck toy. I want him to toss me around and spank my ass while he uses me however he pleases.

Maybe you would like to have some phone sex and trade a rough sex gif or two?  I’ll be ready and waiting.