Rough Sex Is Exactly What My Friend Needed To Loosen Up Her Vanilla Self

Rough sex has always been my thing. Although, it is hard to find a man who can actually handle me. A friend of mine was so vanilla it was driving me insane. She would constantly talk about how she loves the missionary position and sweet lovemaking with her boyfriend. I tried to convince her what she was missing however she really thought she knew her shit. Truly though, it wasn’t her fault she’s only been with one boy and he had only shown her so much. So, as her best friend I thought it was my duty to show her just how great rough sex could be.

The two of us were regular pot smokers, however, I was the one who usually nabbed the sacks. So this time I decided I would go ahead and bring her along. My dealer was a rather hardcore guy who loved exchanging sex for a pot. The three of us lit up big blunts and I started telling her how wonderful his dick really was.

Rough Sex Is Exactly What My Friend Needed To Loosen Up Her Vanilla Self!

Although she kept telling me she would never cheat on her boyfriend she told me the thought of sucking my dealer’s dick was starting to turn on. So like any good friend I went ahead and encouraged her to do so. I grabbed hold of my dealer’s cock and I began stroking it up and down coaxing her towards it. She did begin to give him head too, staring up at the two of us as she pleasured him.
However when it was time to give up the goods she wanted to try and wimp out. Well, that’s only going to piss a guy with a raging boner off. I sat back and masturbated at it as I watch my dealer pick her up like she was a sack of potatoes then plopped her down onto with throbbing hard cock. She screamed out and he covered her mouth telling her he was going to take her for his own. I watched a little like a trickle of blood run down her thigh not knowing she was actually a virgin this whole time. Imagine your first Hard-core experience is the time you lose your V card. This girl couldn’t have been more turned on. The three of us all came in unison, and that tramp she dumped her boyfriend and she’s with my dealer now.