Rough Sex happens to me every now and then.

Last night Rough Sex happened because of a spanking fetish.

NOT getting fucked yesterday I think is a first for me. I really wanted it though and I spent an hour this morning fingering myself and wearing out my vibrator to make up for it because I woke up so horny. Oh well, at least Keith had a good time last night and he definitely came, I know because I went home very wet and sticky last night.

Keith has a profile on a hookup site and he’s into the kinky stuff like handcuffs, whips, Rough Sex and girls who know their place. He posted that he was looking for a bad girl to punish and that sounded like me so I got in touch.

 Keith made me meet him at his apartment wearing nothing but my bra and panties, he wouldn’t even let me wear a jacket.

I was so scared that his neighbor’s would call the cops when they saw me running from my car to his apartment, thank God it was nighttime.

He let me in and I stood there shivering as he looked me over. “Not bad, at least you look like your picture,” he said then pointed to his bedroom and told me to wait for him there.

I can’t believe that’s all he said, so many guys find me hot but I guess guys like him don’t give compliments because I have to remember my place. Standing in the middle of the room he came back a minute later. He was still dressed but he was holding his belt in his hand. Keith sat on the edge of the bed and patted his lap as he said “Here. Now.”  Walking over to him I laid across his lap. I was so nervous and I jumped when he rubbed his hand over my firm ass.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so I could look at him. “Stay still,” he said then let me go.

Staring at the floor I tensed up getting ready for Rough Sex as he moved a bit. I knew he was lifting the belt and I flinched as it landed on my ass.

He hit me three more times, doing it harder each time and my ass started to feel swollen and hot. I was panting and my eyes were stinging from tears but I took it like a good girl. Feeling his dick get hard under me after a couple more hits he stopped.

I thought he was done but he only tugged my panties down to my knees. He rubbed and squeezed my tender ass then started spanking me again with the belt. It hurt so bad and I jumped every time he hit me. My ass felt like it was on fire and I started crying out. When I thought I couldn’t take any more he pushed me off his lap and I knelt on the floor.

He stood up, undid his pants and smacked me across the face with his hard dick. I looked up at him as he started jerking off in front of me. He called me all sorts of names like bitch and slut. My ass was killing me and I was shocked at how turned on he was by it.

 He groaned and grabbed my hair, shoving my face up to his dick and a second later I got a face full of cum. It landed on me in wet, sticky blobs and dripped down my face. When he was done he let me go and told me to leave. He wouldn’t even let me wipe my face clean and I had to go home like that. I was wearing nothing but my bra and panties, covered in cum and a raw ass.

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