Rough Sex Daddy made me Love it Rough, Hard and WET

Rough sex? Spanked Ass? being Punished? This Daddies girl is nothing but TROUBLE! I have many secrets locked away in my twisted mind, but rough sex with a naughty daddy is way up there on my ~ oh god yes please~ radar.

I remember when I was younger I would always tell guys I was older, and they’d always believe me. Then I started developing this beautiful body around 11. Learning the way to workmen, manipulating them… teasing them and totally making them lust for me. *giggle* I’ve always known how to get noticed if you know what I mean?? If you don’t… Xtra short skirts, with barely-there shirts, and licking my lips during conversations with older men, always seemed to be the ticket. As a matter of fact, I can almost pinpoint when an older man’s cock hardens, and his heart skips a beat. Then the games begin…

The best thing to me, about having sex with a man that’s older than me, is he fucking knows how to take control, he knows exactly what to do, and how to push me over the edge. Did I mention I love to scream, yell out and even cry for DADDY??? *giggle* my pussy even got wet typing that.

Rough sex with a hot older guy that loves to be called daddy? what could be better?

Please, make no mistake. I like being daddy’s good girl, But I FUCKING LOVE being daddy’s bad girl. *grin* getting my ass spanked ’til its all red and hot! and then showing my “daddy” some much-needed love and attention. My sweet creamy snatch just throbs at the mention of me being a “good girl”.

*Wicked Grin*

I’m not saying that younger guys don’t know what they are doing. I’m just saying I’ve yet to find one to keep up with me. *grin*

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