Once I get all the boxes moved into a new place, I need some rough sex to break the apartment in.

Moving is so stressful, rough sex is the best way to release some of that tension. I hate living out of boxes, being disorganized is one of my biggest pet peeves. It seems to take forever to really get settled into a place, not to mention that I’ve spent the past month preparing to move. Not knowing where any of my stuff is makes me feel insane. Needless to say, I need a little something to help take my mind off of things… I need the perfect boyfriend to help keep me sane.

He would help me move everything; he wouldn’t complain, he wouldn’t question my strength or ability and then he would give me the business when all is said and done. When The Queen wants to get fucked, you better give it to her! I want it right here on the floor, don’t hold back baby. Tear into me, rip my clothes off and bury that cock deep in my pussy. I’m already wet just thinking about it… my cunt is throbbing! All I can think about is biting, scratching, deep kissing and rough sex.

And I’ve escaped the reality around me. With my pussy wrapped around your cock and my tits in your mouth, we are all that exists. Skin to skin, sweat and moans.

And when we’re all done, breathless and trying to recoup from a cum coma, it’s time to start unpacking boxes!! Haha… your reward for sticking by me? The best blow job you have ever received in your life. I suck dick like a hungry slut when I want to show you my gratitude, you won’t believe how good it feels when it’s happening.

So, is it a date? Are you that perfect guy? 🙂

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