Rough Sex Makes Me Cum SO Fucking Hard! – Phone Sex – Part 2

Rough Sex is always a hot subject with me and this is a continuation of yesterday’s blog.

As we reached the edge of my bed he took my hands and pulled them tightly behind my back.

He pushed me forward just hard enough to make me fall face first onto the bed.

As I fell forward he leaned in with me.

He lifted my dress up over my ass and literally ripped my panties off my body.

I tried to struggle but couldn’t find it in myself to really fight.

The struggle in my head was worse than anything.

How could I be so scared yet so fucking turned on at the prospect of the rough sex that was to come?!?!

Finally, I gave up the fight and he whispered that I was a good girl and that I just needed to relax.  He said to just let it happen because nothing I could do was going to change what was to cum.

I never heard his zipper, just felt the head of his cock pressing into my dripping cunt, spreading my pussy lips apart to expose my true feelings.

The moment he felt my wetness his cock hardened more.

He reached around me and braced our bodies together with one hand around my throat and the other tightly squeezing my tit.

That’s when I finally heard his voice.

As my pussy stretched tightly around his cock he let out a moan and said how fucking good it felt.

I relaxed a little knowing who my assailant was but knew the rough sex that was to cum was going to be even better than ever!

He continued choking me just tight enough to make it hot as fuck as he pounded the shit out of my dripping pussy.

It was like a jackhammer slamming into me over and over.

I couldn’t help the strangled screams I let out as I started squirting all over his dick.

This sent him over the edge and he filled my pussy with his hot cum.

This will always remain one of my hottest rough sex experiences ever!


I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

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