Who doesn’t enjoy some rough sex now and then?

I love rough sex. My girlfriend hasn’t been doing it for me in the sack lately, so I’ve had to seek satisfaction elsewhere. I have a guy friend who is always eager to give me what I need. Last weekend I finally took him up on his long-standing offer. It’s hard to say who was more excited.

It had been YEARS since I’d give a blowjob IRL, if you can believe that. I needed a fucking dick in my mouth. I met him at his place while my girlfriend was still at work, in the hour window I had between my job and picking the kids up from school. Tired of playing maid and chauffeur, I wanted to get nasty ASAP.

He knew how bad things have been with my girlfriend, and he knew I just needed some rough sex. He slid his pants off and his cock into my mouth in one swift motion. I sucked him almost all the way off, then told him he wasn’t getting out of this without fucking me. Hours of adult chat and no fucking in my real life had left me sexually frustrated with a LOT of energy to “expend.”

He smiled and propped me up on his lap. He knew my favorite was a cowgirl. I started riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. It wasn’t long before I creamed all over his giant, hard cock. And then he turned me around, fucked me from behind, and made me cum again. Mmmm. It was exactly what I fucking needed.

I’m not completely satisfied, though. Do you want some rough, hot phone sex RIGHT now?? Good, that makes two of us. You know what to do. I’m right here, waiting for your call. What the f**** are you waiting for???

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke