Rough sex the kind of hard sex to satisfy your sexual frustration

Rough sex is kind of hard to avoid after you have endured sexual frustration. It’s been awhile since the wife has given it up and you just need to feel some release. I have been there. It’s been a long and unsatisfying week myself and I need some hard sex. The kind of sex where I get spanked and my hair pulled. If we are in the same boat imagine how much fun we could really have taking that sexual frustration out on each other. Come over to my place your wife won’t find you here. I’ll leave my door unlocked and you can let yourself in. You’ll find me in my bed wearing a pair panties and t shirt. I can always wear something more appealing for you to find me in but you’ll have to make that request.

Slip your hand up my t shirt grab a handful of my tits while you figure out your next move. I hope you decide to wake me up with a cock in my face. The perfect way to wake me up is with a big dick slapping my mouth. Force your cock into my mouth and turn me into the little cock sucking whore you crave. Gag me with your huge cock because I LOVE to be gagged. Just when you pull it out, I want to feel it slap against my mouth again. I’m ready for you rip my panties off and shove that fat dick inside me. But bend me over and give me the hard sex my cunt is craving. My hand grabs yours and I pull it up to my neck for you to choke me while your deeply penetrating me.

Rough sex wouldn’t be rough without a little choking. Grab my ass and spank me hard baby. I’ll even let you bite me but I can’t promise I won’t bite back. Its possible I may throw you down and steal the control from you. I’m open to any adult chat that lets us rid this sexual frustration. But don’t let the wife saying no stop you from getting what you want. All it takes is a phone sex call to me and you can feel relief again.

Kinky Kelsey