Rough Office Sex can Bring out My Inner Roar!

Rough office sex was not something I thought I’d ever want.  Of course, when I was in my early 20’s, I took a job working at a temp agency that made me realize that wasn’t so true.  I was going to school at night and working during the day.  John was my boss. One Friday afternoon, I was ready to leave when John called me into his office.  Little did I know that John had more than work on his mind.  Of course, rough office sex often starts without knowing it’s cumming.

John told me that I would have to work late to get a critical order before Monday.  Working and going to school was exhausting and the last thing I wanted to do was stay late.  But I needed the money.  Little did I know that I was about to be part of his rough office sex fetish.

Taboo Phone Sex is Sometimes Rough

As I passed John’s office, he called me into the room.  I walked in but looked around and didn’t see him.  As I started to turn, the door suddenly shut behind me.  “Cunt,” I heard in a garbled manner. And then John was walking towards me.  As I backed up, he reached forward and pushed me down onto the edge of his desk.

“What the fuck did you call me?”  I demanded in a breathless voice.

He looked at me with a smug sense of satisfaction.  His tie was gone, and his shirt was unbuttoned.

“You have such a fucking attitude, Miss Prim and Proper,”  he growled as he reached for my ass.

I was pissed and more than a little frightened.  As I pushed his hands away, they just moved to other parts of my body.  I reached back and slapped him hard across the face.  His head flew back with the force of my hand.

It happened before I could even stop it. And it was over before I could take it back. The mark was immediately apparent on his face. I had slapped him hard, my small hand leaving a red mark on his cheek.  I knew I had made a terrible mistake even before he could say anything.  That slap definitely made him hungrier for rough office sex.

Adult Sex Stories Can Be Hot and Rough

 And then I ran. I got to the door and had my hand on the handle when he caught me. John grabbed my head by my hair and shoulder with the other. I screamed as he dragged me across the room. One of my heels broke as my knees buckled, and then the other came off as I struggled with him.

His hand ripped my blouse as he leaned down to kiss me. I pulled my head away.  Rough office sex was definitely on the menu tonight.

He caught my pouty lip in his mouth and began to suck passionately on it. I whimpered like a hurt animal, which only encouraged him further. He sucked back, making me pause, if only for a second. I felt his hot tongue pushing past my open mouth. I breathed through my nose as I mistakenly kissed him back.

Sometimes a Little Force Makes Me Cum Harder

He was tearing my clothes off with one hand and tenderly kissing me with his lips. I despised him, I hated his arrogance, and I was fighting him with all I had. Still, I was melted by his kiss.

He backed away to look at me, and I smacked his face with my right hand this time. A clear shot that left my handprint on his face.

Instead, he ripped my blouse off completely and tugged my bra straps down. My tits fell out of their cups, my nipples hardening. Why were they doing that?  Did I slap him again, perhaps to shock myself back to reality?

John grabbed me again; this time, he flipped me over on my stomach. He yanked my skirt up from behind. Oh no, what is he doing? I felt a tear on my pantyhose, as I remembered I wore them instead of underwear. Why had I done that today? And then there was the matter of the wet spot, which hands formed at their crotch. And then I realized he was determined to have rough office sex.

The Best Phone Sex has a Little Edge of Rough.

Pressing at my entrance was John’s cock. He shoved it as far it could reach on the first thrust. I spread my hands over his desk, intentionally pushing much of the work we had done all over his floor. He banged my pussy hard from behind as I felt his hand on my shoulder, pulling me back to meet his thrusts. My pussy flexed as my cunt filled with more hot liquid.  How could I be enjoying forced rough office sex?

Just then, he bent down and grabbed my hair again. He balled it up in his fist and increased his thrust. Here I was, bent over the desk of my boss.  My skirt was around my waist, my hair being pulled by a man who was having his way with me. I hated this.  But,  I was enjoying it, loving it, and deriving some sick pleasure from it. I started to fuck him back, pushing my ass to match each of his thrusts. Just then, he said his first words to me.

“So now I know how to shut you up finally,” he whispered in my ear as he pulled my head back. I guess rough office sex was my thing after all.

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