This is part two of my sexy story about how I was introduced to how amazing rough sex can be. I would read part one before this one so you know what is going on.

I instinctively sat down and he spread my knees apart with his rough, calloused hands. Pulling my little bikini bottoms to the side, Tony knelt between my legs and buried his face into my now dripping pussy. The soft stubble on his face tickled as his tongue worked its magic up and down my smooth folds. I ran my fingers through his hair encouraging him on. When he expertly sucked my little clit into his mouth my hands tightened around his head to hold him in place.

I couldn’t get enough. I needed more and somehow he knew just what to do to me. His teeth gently bit down holding my clit in place while his tongue worked even more magic. When his finger slid inside my tight hole I couldn’t hold back anymore. My orgasm slammed through me and my juices squirt from my pussy all over his hand and his face. I had never in my life cum so hard! Tony pulled back, stood in front of me and undid his pants. The huge erection that sprung free as he slid them down made me gasp in surprise. He put his hand on my shoulder and guided me down to the floor. I was on my knees with that thick cock directly in front of my face. My mouth watered for it so badly. I reached out my hand, took a hold of his shaft and guided him into my mouth.

I barely had time to wrap my lips around my teeth before he took my head in his hands and started to fuck into my mouth. He was so rough that I was gagging on his cock. He pushed himself all the way down my throat holding my head still as I gagged on the thick cock that stretched my throat. When he finally pulled free I was gasping for breath. He pulled me up to my feet but quickly bent me over the couch. Lifting my cover up to my waist he pulled my bottoms down and made me step out of them. The unexpected slap on my ass sent a wave of pleasure directly to my pussy causing it to ache with even more need than before.

I felt the head of his cock against my pussy lips as he coated it with my juices. He positioned it right at my entrance and in one long slow movement he was buried balls deep inside my tight hole. He stretched me so far that I thought for sure he would tear me in half. His cock filled me like never before. I felt like there wasn’t a spot inside of me that his shaft wasn’t touching. He only let me adjust for a moment before the rough sex began. He grabbed a hold of my hips and started to pound into me so hard that his balls were slapping against my clit with each thrust. He was hitting every spot that mattered.

The rough pounding continued harder and harder. The walls of my pussy tightened around Tony’s cock as my orgasm took over me. This was just enough to send him over the edge as well. As my pussy began squirting all over his cock I felt him stiffen inside of me as load after load of his cum shot out of him coating the walls of my unprotected pussy. He collapsed on top of me for a moment then pulled his cock from my dripping cunt. I lay there spent as he put himself back into his pants. He leaned down and kissed my neck and then my cheek before whispering into my ear how fucking hot that was. Before I could even pull myself together enough to respond I heard the front door open and close as he walked from my house. That was the first time I had ever even met Mike’s brother and he had been friends with my brother for years. It made me wonder if I was ever going to see him again. I had never had rough sex before meeting Tony. He definitely opened my eyes to what I had been missing.


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