Being a Big Sister can be rough!

It was rough being a big sister, especially when since my parents were always gone and I was stuck being in charge of my little brother Andrew.

His best friend Mike was always at our house to keep him out of my hair so that helped. The school year had finally come to an end and I had worked my ass off to get our pool up and running. My mom and dad usually took care of that but they were both out of town for work so I figured it out on my own. Our pool wasn’t huge, but it was enough for us to cool off in when the temperatures were enough to make us want to stay inside.

Mike and Andrew were already in the pool splashing around like crazy when I came out in my bikini. I was so excited to finally get to relax in the cool water after my rough day of working on it for so long! As soon as I went to get in the pump started making a really weird noise. Mike hopped out of the pool really quick and in an attempt to fix it, made the hose come loose and start shooting water everywhere! I ran over and turned off the pump. I sat down and just put my head in my hands. I wasn’t going to cry. My frustration with all of this shit was just getting to be too much. Mike said he’d call his brother that would know what to do.

In about 30 minutes I heard footsteps behind me. When I turned around there was a very sexy, tanned Italian man standing behind me. He introduced himself as Tony, Mike’s older brother. I knew Mike had a brother but had never met him. I was definitely not disappointed! He said that Mike had called him and said he needed his help. I guess he told him that I was about to lose my mind too, how nice of him. LOL At this point I really didn’t care who fixed this shit, just as long as it got done. But I knew one thing for sure, I was really glad it was Tony because I was really going to enjoy just watching him work! I told him thank you for coming and that I would leave him to it. I had some stuff to take care of in the house and didn’t want to bother him. Really, I just wanted to be able to watch him without being caught.

As I headed inside Mike and Andrew came running out saying that they were going to another friend’s house that had a pool so they could swim. Watching Mike’s brother from the kitchen window was not helping cool me off at all! My pussy was getting hotter and hotter the more I watched Tony’s muscled arms working away. His sexy muscles flexed with every rough movement he made. I noticed a layer of sweat on his skin and realized how rude I was being by not offering him something to drink. I poured him a tall glass of lemonade and walked it outside. He took it from my hand and gave me the sexiest smirk of a smile before downing the entire glass. He handed it back to me, said thank you and got back to work. I figured that was my queue and headed back to the house. I could see him watching me in the reflection of the door but when I turned to look at him as I opened the door he was already back to working.

I was sitting in the living room in nothing but my bikini and light cover up on in hopes of getting into the pool soon. I heard the door open and Tony walked in. He said he was all done and the pool was up and running. I stood to say thank you and asked what I owed him. I knew working on the pool was a rough job and I was definitely in his debt for this one. He surprised me by saying that I didn’t owe him a thing. He said that Mike spoke very highly of me and he really appreciated the fact that I took care of his little brother but he could really use another drink.

As I started to walk by him his hand slid around my waist and he pulled me into him lowering his mouth onto mine. Our tongues danced together and by the time he broke our kiss I was breathless and panting with desire. “I didn’t mean lemonade,” he said as he pushed me back toward the edge of the couch. Will Tony take that hot drink from me? Or maybe he has something else in mind. Stay tuned for the hot conclusion in my next blog or give me a call and I’ll tell you exactly what happens next!!

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