Rough hate sex is the best when it’s unexcepted!

The past few months have been rough since my boyfriend and I broke up. I thought he was the love of my life but he wasn’t ready to take things to the next step so we broke things off. Since then we haven’t spoken except for the occasional snide remarks on social media posts. With the weather getting colder I decide to head to a friend’s cabin for a weekend getaway. But I wasn’t expecting my ex to be there let alone to have rough hate sex with him.

When I pull up to the cabin I see a note that my friend has left reminding me of the coming bad weather. I head inside, prepare a fire, and settle in for the long weekend. Just as the sun goes down I see the snow start to fall covering the ground in a blanket of white. I snuggle up next to the fire with a glass of wine when I see lights appear in the driveway. When I go outside the last person I expect to see is my ex, Deon.

Fuck Off Or Fuck Me! Rough Hate Sex!

Once we realize there must be some kind of mistake we try calling our mutual friend but the cell service is out. I try to tell him to leave but the roads are bad.  I decide to make the best of the situation and continue with my relaxing leisure by the fire. After he gets settled in his room he comes out and starts his typical fuck boy act. I tell him to fuck off but my denial only seems to fuel his ego.

When he realizes simple flirting isn’t going to get me to budge he starts to poke my buttons to get a rise out of me. It doesn’t take long for my calm, peaceful night to turn into a heated argument about our past relationship. I could sense the rough hate sex brewing in his mind.  Within 15 minutes we are shouting at each other pointing out the flaws and reasons as to why we broke up. The madder I get the closer I get without even realizing it. Suddenly we come face to face then his lips crash against mine.

Although I am mad I can’t help but reciprocate his actions allowing our tongues to explore. That deep burning pleasure and excitement from when we first met comes washing over us. Soon he is ripping our clothes off to prepare for some rough hate sex. He pins me against the wall pushing my hands above my head then nibbles and kisses my neck. I tell him to fuck off turning him on more as he teases my hard nipples.

Fuck You Now Fill Me!

Just as my pussy starts to drip he turns me around spanking my ass then spreads my legs apart. He shoves his hard cock deep into my pussy and tells me to take it. I moan calling him an asshole before he chuckles and says he is going to take mine. Letting out a gasp of pleasure he grabs me by the hair and pounds hard. Then takes his cock out and pulls me in front of the fireplace.

The embers from the fire crackle as he spanks me again and tells me he loves rough-hate sex. I tease and tell him that I’ve had better which prompts him to step his game up. Flipping me onto my back he throws my legs in the air and jams his cock in my tight ass with one swift motion. I scream with pleasure and pain as he rams my walls, holding on so I can’t move. Leaning in he puts my legs by my head to deepen the thrust.

As his hard cock rips me open I can feel my body tense so I yell at him to make me cum. He accepts this, pounding my ass like a horny jackrabbit demanding I cover his cock in my cum. Simultaneously he fills my ass as I squirt my juices everywhere. Once we finish, we check the weather and see we are going to be snowed in all weekend. So we pour a couple of shots and prepare for a weekend of rough-hate sex.

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