Rough fuck by a BBC

“You’re gonna start by getting your throat rough fuck by a BBC and your gonna eating BBC cum,” said Drew as he began undressing there in the kitchen. ” I’m gonna teach you how to do it right.”

When he was naked every inch of his coal-black body toned, I couldn’t help but stare at his jutting cock. Especially when he came forward and stood in front of my chair.

His black cock eye-level and almost fully erect. Noticing me staring at his cock, Drew said, “That’s 11 inches of prime black cock and you’re gonna take all of it.”

My eyes widened and I said, “I couldn’t possibly…” I didn’t finish the thought.

“Yes, you can and you will, you cock-teasing bitch.” I pulled my eyes off Drew’s cock and looked up, my eyes pleading.

Drew’s face showed no mercy and my eyes dropped. “Start sucking, bitch, and I’ll tell you how to do it.” I leaned forward in the chair and brought my hands up to feel his cock and balls.

I parted my lips and kissed the tip, then slid my tongue all over the heart-shaped head. For some reason I couldn’t name, the act of using my mouth on a man’s organ always causes me to become aroused.

I had Drew’s cock as far back in my mouth as possible, and my gag reflex caused me to pull back. At his deepest penetration, it seemed to me that four inches or so of his cock remained outside.

“You’ve gotta take it deeper,” said Drew. “Into your throat.”

Rough fuck by a BBC
Rough fuck by a BBC

I tried again, not believing that it was possible. My pussy continued to tingle as I slid my lips down his cock, willing him deeper than before.

Imaging that I could actually somehow swallow his cock. His cock entered my throat. The gag reflex returned, and I pulled off and took several deep breaths.

“Deeper,” said Drew, his voice hoarse. “Take me all the way down your white throat, bitch.”

I returned to his cock and forced my head down until once again his cock forced its way into my throat. I still had two inches to go and pulled off once again.

Determined to have that cock all the way inside my body. I lifted my ass off the seat and adjusted my stance so I was bent over rather than kneeling.

My hands-on his waist. I mouthed his cock once again, took a deep breath and forced his cock once again into my throat.

This time, with the angle better for penetration, I got almost all of him inside. And my lips were close enough to the base of his cock to be tickled by his curly black pubic hair.

My pussy was on fire at this point, and I held my head in place for as long as I could before pulling off so I could breathe.

Drew pulled his cock out and said, “Not bad for a white bitch.”

He pushed everything on the kitchen table to one side. Then he lifted me up and laid me face-up on the table.

My head just over one edge. He moved over and held my head in his hands, looking down as he told me to relax my neck muscles completely.

When I managed to do this, he lowered my head until it was back as far as it would comfortably go. This created a straight passage through my mouth and into my throat.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth now, bitch. Are you ready to take my black cock all the way down your throat?”

My view from this position was dominated by his large, hairy balls and the underside of his massive cock.

I opened my mouth in response to his question and soon felt his rod press past my lips and over my tongue. When he reached the back of my mouth I concentrated on suppressive the gag reflex.

He rocked forward and forced his cock into my throat. His balls swung forward and slapped against my eyes and forehead as he buried himself to the hilt.

“That’s a good cocksucker,” he said

before pulling back. My eyes closed, breathed in some air through my nose as his cock pulled back. Then held my breath as he drove forward again. Deep into my throat.

As Drew continued to fuck his cock in and out, I then realized that he was no longer involved my skills in this sexual act. I was merely a vessel being used for his pleasure.

My pussy was on fire, and it desperately wanted contact as he continued to almost raped my mouth in a rough throat fuck by a BBC.

My hands started down to address this need. When Drew finally came, shooting hot sticky cum down my throat, I moaned, so close to cumming from just the eroticism of this act.

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Rough fuck by a BBC
Rough fuck by a BBC

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