They say they need someone who can take a huge cock in the ass. Easy as fuck. By ‘someone’, I can tell this isn’t a gender-specific task. All Mr. Beaver needs is a person who has mastered the art of rough bbc anal. And well, I don’t wanna brag or anything, but isn’t that what I live for?

My Ass Finally Being A Star Again

I know my way around every cock, so I’m certain I am that ‘someone’ he needs on camera. His adult entertainment studio is only a few weeks away from launching, and while he wants to make a grand entry into the industry, hiring a fan-favorite veteran adult actress will blow his bank account to zero. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but you get the idea.

Anyway, here is where I come in, prepared for slightly rough bbc anal sex. I step into the hotel room the old man has booked for this meeting. He’s only about a decade older, but I regard him as the old man. Besides him, there are two other men and a woman sitting in the room. Judges, obviously.

And then, yet another man comes in from the bathroom. He’s a whole foot taller, but that isn’t what gets my attention. The thick meat between his legs catches my eye right away. I don’t need to be told that he is the man who will deep-dick me. It’s impossible to resist his big black cock. Then again, I don’t need to; I know what I am here for and so does he. Rough bbc anal sex and apparently it’s in front of everyone! I step toward him. His already unclothed state makes things easy; there are no clothes in my way.

Oh, I’m So Ready For Rough BBC Anal

I’m wearing an outrageously short double-breasted white jacket with absolutely no article of clothing beneath it, so getting unclad was as effortless as drawing breath. I drop to my feet and take his cock in my mouth. His girth tears my lips apart. I smile ecstatically, considering this afore gleam of what he will do to my ass. My ass starts to throb in a delightful expectation. And although my pussy probably won’t be getting any of the action, it starts to throb too. Well, deep down I hope it gets some dick too.

I attempt to make him cum with my mouth, but just when his orgasm is only a few licks away, he heaves me off the floor and tosses me into the bed. He is somewhat rough. Or should I say heavy-handed? But trust me, I’m totally enjoying this, and at this point, still craving rough bbc anal sex. Making him cum twice couldn’t have been bad either though, right?

He Is More Pro Than I Thought

I have barely even hit the bed when he grabs my hips and positions me on all fours. I arch my back and stick out my ass toward him. He gives it a gentle pat that makes me even wetter between my legs. We don’t have a lube for my ass, but my vaginal juices work great. Once he coats his big cock in all of that sweet extract, he works his way into my ass, fucking me hard until I am gaping. That cock feels just as big inside me as I thought it would. Stretching me out and making me moan out to the gods above.

Taking It All

I have to keep focused, of course, I do have an audience. I throw that ass back up against him, harder and harder. Pain starts to set in with a mixture of pleasure. Does that make me a masochist? I’m sure non-pain lovers enjoy rough bbc anal just the same, right?

It turned out to be a blessing that I am so good at sucking cock, because he didn’t take long to cum. And when I say he came, I mean he exploded inside of me; so much cum that I could feel it leaking out around his big cock.

You wanna gape my ass too, don’t you? Well, call me when you’re ready for the best phone sex.