I always loved having rough sex!

I remember one time when I was younger I use to go over to my best friends house all the time. She had an older brother who was a football player. He was strong, tall, and I wanted to have sex with him so bad! One stormy night I deiced to stay over at her house. Around 2 am she fell asleep so I knew it was my chance. I headed to the bathroom, took off my nightgown, and slipped into some sexy lingerie. After I was all dressed up I tipped toed to his room. I was as quiet as a mouse. So scared but so excited about what was going to happen. I peeked into his room and seen him fast asleep.

I decided to sneak into his room, slowly picked up the covers, and slid right in, I started touching his cock very slowly and I immediately noticed he was getting rock hard. he groaned so I stopped. Moving my head I put my whole mouth on the head of his cock. Sucking the head so slowly. He tasted so good it was turning me on. Started groaning some more and peeked open his eyes a little. He looked a little shock when he finally realized it was me his teen sisters best friend chocking on his dick. I was so scared he was going to tell me to get out, but by my surprise, he grabbed me by my hair, pulled my face up to his and called me a little slut. While smacking my ass and telling me how much of a naughty little whore I am.

I loved it!

Every time he slapped my face I got more and wetter. He bent me over, pulled my panties to the side and stuck his thumb in my asshole. I was moaning so loud, he kept yelling at me to keep quiet. He finally shoved he big hard cock into my tight little pussy. I was screaming at this point which just made him madder and even more rough with me. He pounded my pussy for a couple minutes. Without any warning, he shoved it right into my virgin asshole. I yelled with pain and pleasure. It hurt but felt so good. He went faster and deeper. Making my eyes water. He moaned really loudly and I felt his warm jizz shot into my asshole. It was a perfect night.