Remember the rough ageplay story from last week?

It’s all part of your ageplay sex fantasy! Cheyenne was begging for it in part one of our rough ageplay story.

You can’t stand it any longer. Her parents won’t be back all night long, and you are going to take full advantage of it. How could you not?

You bring your lips to her neck, and it seems that you really shocked her. Cheyenne doesn’t move a muscle. It’s like she’s waiting to see if you keep going or not but you know exactly what you are going to do.

You yank her top off of her chest and throw it on the floor. She won’t need that for the rest of the night anyway. You can clearly see those sweet nipples.

You stare at them realizing that you have all the time in the world. It’s not like you’re peeking through her open bedroom door anymore. You have them in full view.

You pull your lips from her neck, down to her shoulders then you run your tongue across her nipples.

Just going back and forth like that really gets your cock throbbing hard.

This is where you have to start fighting her. You easily overpower her when she pulls back. You have the perfect rough ageplay story planned out. The look in her eyes tell you that she is so nervous, but you don’t care about that right now.

You finally get to touch beautiful Cheyenne that you have had your eyes set on forever. Her nipple is rock hard, and you use your lips to pull on them.

She lets out a loud yelp which just makes you pull harder. It turns you on how in control you are. You can do whatever you want to her and she has to take it all.

Then, you reach down and you force her legs to spread open. You don’t worry if you are going to leave bruises on her thighs. She’ll just have to think of a lie for that later.

This time is all about your pleasure. She’s been a tease for too long and you finally get to have your way with her. You roughly start to rub her sweet pussy.

Cheyenne pulls her body back away from you, but you just pull her closer towards you.

Your hand doesn’t move from that pussy mound of hers. You work your hand down to her clit and start to rub those sweet buttons of hers, hard.

She starts to really get flustered and tells you to stop. But you aren’t going to. This is what you have been waiting for. It’s what you have been longing for. You push a finger inside that sweet young pussy of hers and you start going in and out once she stretches around your finger.

She is so tight that you really have to force your thick finger inside of her even when she starts to get wetter. Her “nos” become moans of pain but you don’t stop. She needs this as much as you do, and you are going to take her tonight.

She will no longer be that cute little virgin when you give her back to her parents. By then, she will have taken your cock in her holes. You are going to change her forever.

That’s when you decide to get on top of her.

She looks teary-eyed at this point but you don’t even stop to think that you shouldn’t do it. You spread her legs with your legs. It’s time to finish your perfect rough ageplay story.

You spread them wide open and prepare yourself to thrust into her. Your cock is so hard and it feels so good when you are rubbing it up against her cunt. Her pussy juice covers your cock and you finally start to thrust your cock inside of her. You aren’t prepared for how tight she feels when she is wrapped around your cock.

Your hips push against thighs, and you tell her that it will be okay. You tell her she is going to feel good very soon, but you don’t really care about that. You just care about your cock.

Then, you feel her tense up even more when she realizes that you aren’t stopping anytime soon. That just feels so good on your cock, and you push yourself deeper inside of her one last time before you finally blow your load inside of Cheyenne’s sweet pussy.

You don’t pull out right away. You savor every moment you can of finally getting to take her. Then, you look at her, and you start to think of what you are going to do for the rest of the time her parents are away.

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