Who doesn’t love an ageplay sex fantasy?

You want me to tell you exactly how I would have you fuck your sister-in-law or your horny blonde stepsister. So, I wrote you an ageplay sex fantasy about your sister-in-law. Cheyenne is the cutest girl that you have seen in a while. You can’t help how tempting she looks no matter what she wears. It doesn’t matter if she is in a short little dress or those short jean shoes.

You just want to take her wherever you can. You find yourself peeking looks at her when you pass by her room and she is changing. Her long legs seem to go on forever and she has the cutest smile. She is so coy and it’s almost like she is begging for you to play with her.

That’s all you want. You want to take a cute bite out of her. Kiss those thighs that tease you so much. You love it when you get left alone with her.

Cheyenne doesn’t seem to mind that you stare at her cute body up and down without ever stopping. She doesn’t know about your ageplay sex fantasy. She just gives you a little smile unknowing all the filthy things that you are so longing to do to her. It doesn’t take you long to realize that you want to take advantage of her.

You keep thinking to yourself how you would do it.

You want to be able to take your time with her, so you need a good chunk of alone time. But then the time presents itself when Cheyenne’s parents ask you to stay with her while they go out of town.

They trust you with her, completely. You start counting down the days until you have her all alone. Then, you are going to be able to do everything you want to hear.

You start to wonder if she will fight you or just accept the things you plan to do with that tight body. The uncertainty makes your cock rock hard, and it fills you with joy.

Then the weekend finally comes, and you are left alone with Cheyenne. For the first few hours, you don’t do anything but watch. Cheyenne struts through the house just wearing a little tee-shirt that barely covers her cute ass.  Every time you bend over, you can see her pink panties.

Cheyenne doesn’t even notice when you start to get a bulge in your pants.

She just keeps walking around the house while your cock is bulging rock hard. It’s throbbing between your legs and naughty thoughts fill your head.

All of a sudden, you don’t even care if she fights back or not. You just want to take her innocence. You want to be the first person in her tight little pussy.

It is going to be amazing to be the first person to do whatever you want to do to her tempting body. You imagine how she would look laying there with her legs open.

You are just able to do whatever you want to her. Finally, you can’t handle it anymore. You call Cheynne over, and she practically runs over. You tell her that you want to watch a movie with her.

She asks if it can be an old school Disney princess movie which, of course, how could you say no to that sweet voice of hers.

You put Rapunzel on, a movie she loved when she was very young.   She snuggles up with you on the couch. Then, you put the blanket over her and yourself so that your cock is covered up. You don’t want to reveal just yet how this feeds into your perfect ageplay sex fantasy.

You quickly catch glances while she stares at the screen. The movie keeps playing so you are free to stare at her hot little body. You imagine yourself pushing her down right there on the couch just taking her for the first time.

You wouldn’t give her a say in it at all. Cheyenne would be yours to ravish and do anything you want to with. You casually move closer to her, and you pull her hair away from her neck.

You put your hand on her shoulders and start to rub her gently. She gives you a shy smile and asks what you are doing. You gesture for her to be quiet and you act like you are very invested in Rapunzel.

The movie is one that you couldn’t care about at all.

Your hands start working on her shoulders, and she lets out a little moan that sounds like sweet music to your ears.

The moan lingers and you can tell she is starting to blush. Her cheeks fill up with rosy red color.

That’s when you decide to just go for it.

Stay tuned for part two of Cheyenne’s naughty story next week! Can’t wait? I love ageplay phone sex any day of the week!


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