I see you staring at me in the hallways. You are always watching me walk away and I know what you are watching. My sweet ass and sexy legs. Everyone wishes they were me, or with me. I get it, I am a smoking hot young teen. Rumor is you enjoy the tease and denial game. Perhaps we can play together but if you are a bad boy be prepared for rotten schoolgirl ruining orgasms punishment.

Of course, if you are a good boy for this tight young teen, I will reward you time and time again. I enjoy rewarding those who obey my rules. Tease and denial are all about control and I am the controller. In our sessions, I am your Goddess and you will bow down to me. Furthermore, you will be very happy if you do and very sad if you don’t.

In comes the Rotten Schoolgirl Ruining Orgasms.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the rules and follow them from the beginning. You see, I enjoy punishing those who are bad and it can be very ugly. The power I feel controlling you during our tease and denial play is intoxicating. When I get to punish you it will be for all the women you let down, not just me. As a Goddess, I am here for all of us.

Okay, are you ready to play Coach? Good, let’s get things started. On the field and in the locker room, you rule the team. You enjoy being the boss and making their decisions. I get it and that is why here, I rule. You are my little bitch and do as you are told. Getting undressed is your first obligation to me. If we are going to play, I want to see the goods. Start undressing slowly and if you don’t, rotten school girl ruining orgasms will remember later on.

Oh, my coach, you need to work out with your boys!

That is one hell of a gut under those clothes. Your glory days of younger years are gone for sure. Oh well, I am not here to humiliate you today. That is my Bratty Teen Slut Humiliation. Above all, I am here to play a different game. Go on, off with the boxers too. You can’t stroke your cock if it is in your boxers. There we go. Not bad, not great but not the worst dick I have ever seen.

So here is how we are playing the game. You are going to sit there stroking your pecker. If I tell you to stop, you do so immediately. I am going to be right here in front of you stripping off items of clothing. Yes, Coach, you get to see this sexy tight ass up close. If you are a good boy, I might let you touch it tonight. Above all, follow orders and there won’t be a rotten schoolgirl ruining orgasms playing tonight.

Alright, coming off first is my shirt, nice and slow.

You aren’t getting to see the goods all at once. Therefore, I am drawing out the treats over time. Uh, look at this firm tummy. Rubbing my hands from bra down my tummy to my legs. Your dick is growing, start pumping and massaging sir. Additionally, starting off slow with that hand, not a quickie tonight. There you go, good job.

Now my cute thigh high stockings, one at a time, sliding down my leg. Look at my calves, you can bounce a quarter off those muscles. Cheerleading is paying off with this hot body of mine. My goodness, I dropped something, let me bend over in front of your face picking it up so slowly. That tight fine ass right there in your face, just like you dreamed of. Wow, that dick is really getting hard now.

Good, keep stroking until I say stop.

Time for these perky breasts of mine to make their appearance. Aren’t these absolutely fucking gorgeous. Let me run my nipples over your lips and face. Hahaha, you like that don’t you, pervert. Stop stroking and sit still as I am pulling my panties down nice and slow. Don’t you dare touch that your dick until I say so!

I see you, Coach, rubbing that dick, shame on you! Fine stroke away as I sit down right here and in front of you and spread my long legs. Time for exposing this tight young pussy. I am playing with it as you jerk off in front of me. Go on, when you are ready to cum, let me know and you can cum on this tight ass of mine!

Oh, now, you are ready, good!

Too bad, stop stroking or you will never play with me again. Ouch does it hurt? Remember, I told you if you disobeyed even one command you would pay with my rotten schoolgirl ruining orgasms, and here we are! Consequently, sitting there watching me rub my ass and pussy while that cum is sitting ready to burst out of your balls without release.

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