So since I am very much a city girl, I have always wanted to ride a real cowboy! I love watching rodeo’s all that stamina, strength, rope, and all those muscles. Oh My Gawd. Nothing makes me so wet as watching a rodeo. Well as I watch the rodeo on TV I can’t help but play with my very wet pussy, just sitting there wishing for a cowboy to cum and rope me. Ohhh my to have his strong hands pick me up and undress me, pull off these dripping wet panties I have on. His rough fingers touching my ever so hard nipples sending shivers down my spine.

Then I imagine him pushing my head to the side so he can lick my neck and taste how sweet I am moving his tongue slowly down my neck to my chest onto my perfect tits going even lower to my navel he stops and comes back to invade my mouth with his ever so sweet tongue working it all over in my mouth, invading every corner, making me moan, making me want him even more, he pushes his face onto mine and continues to invade. Β He invades long enough for me to push up on him for more. I can feel his huge hard cock through those tight ass jeans and I just want to give him what ever he wants as long as he doesn’t stop this massive invasion of my mouth.

He pulls me up to my feet, and he brings to take off those jeans, so I can finally see his massive cock. Then he puts me on my knees in front of his huge cock, and slowly starts his invasion of my mouth again, pushing his cock in and out of my sweet mouth, moving faster and faster, mm he is fucking these pretty lips that I have and I want more.Oh how I want someone to make this true.

My imagination has no boundaries when it gets going, so if you want the rest of this fantasy you will have to call me.