Roni Loves Cum! I Simply Can’t Get Enough!

Is anyone surprised to learn that I’m a total cum slut? No one? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well then here’s a real shocker: I was a dirty little slut this weekend and got all the sticky, wet cum I wanted. There wasn’t a surface of my sexy body that wasn’t covered in cum!

I went out with Nick, one of my weekend fuck buddies and he took me back to his apartment so we could fuck. He thought his roommate was out on a date, but I guess things didn’t go so well and Alex ended up cumming back home, along with a few of their mutual buddies. I saw him sitting there all sad on the couch, watching some stupid sports game, with his friends and thought about asking him to join us, but Nick was in a rush and practically pushed me into the bedroom.

We got naked and I must say, I love what Nick is packing! He is long and thick, it’s the kind of dick you’d want in every hole all night long and then someone. I gave him a little hand job, then pulled him down on top of me. I parted my legs and guided him into me. His dick parted my lips and I stretched around him, as he slid into me. That nice piece of meat filled me up and made me crave him even more. He began fucking me, taking his time, making it good and most importantly, making it last. He gave me steady strokes and I got wetter as he did it.

I teased him by tightening around his shaft a few times, squeezing it and making him groan with pleasure.

He went faster and it felt so good. I had my hand on his back and was in the middle of losing my mind, when the Nick’s bedroom door flew open. That’s when I saw Alex and his little crew, watching us and I actually pretended not to notice at first; I mean, I wanted to see what they would do. After a minute they undid their jeans and started rubbing their hands all over me. Nick didn’t say anything, which kind of made me think that this was planned, but since I am such a fucking cum slut, I certainly didn’t mind. They stared at me, while jerking off and I told Nick to fuck me harder and harder.

I made eye contact with Alex and made my way down the line, making certain I made eye contact with all of them. After a few minutes, I motioned for them to cum towards the bed, letting them know I wanted them and their cum too. They stood just out of view of Nick and jerked off faster now that they could see us up close. I wrapped my leg around Nick, pushing him in deeper and rocked my hips. Nick pushed me into the mattress as his hands held me down and his dick pounded me. My pussy was throbbing and I was getting close.

We moved together and Nick groaned as he suddenly came deep within me.

I kept moving under him, fucking myself on him, while he as still deep inside and came before he pulled out, but that was just the beginning! Nick got off me and Alex was still pumping that dick of his, but then stopped suddenly, as he walked towards me. He was close and I wanted his load on me, instead of in his hand so I leaned over the bed, grabbed him and pulled him towards me. His dick was all wet from pre-cum and he was throbbing. I took his hand off his dick and opened my mouth, swallowing his dick whole.

I sucked it hard and thirty seconds later hot fresh cum shot down my throat and dribbled down my chin and onto my tits. That’s when I looked over at the peanut gallery and they knew it was their turn. All I said was, “I don’t care where you cum, I just want you to cum on or in me!”. Without hesitation, they all surrounded me. Once I was covered in cum, I looked at Nick and asked if he had any more friends, who were free right now, but he shook his head, “No.”.

Damn! But did he have any other friends who lived nearby and would be down to fuck another time? Yes? Great! Let’s have a little party then. Oh, and you’re invited!

Mature Phone Sex!