Roller derby is not for the faint of heart.

I’ve always wanted to try Roller Derby out but for whatever reasons I just never have. I plan to change that this year, because I have made a promise to myself to practice my skating more and try to join a team. We have several in my area. Some of my friends, or friends of friends, are active team members and really enjoy it.

Roller derby, is a very sexy way to exercise. In my fantasy I’m all decked out in my gear: knee high socks, short little shorts, a tank top with the name “krushin’ ballz” on the back and my hair in pig tail braids. My team is packed full of sexy girls who are all unique and cool in their own ways. I can’t help but be a little attracted to all of them.
There is one girl that I get along with the best out of everyone. Her name is Rachel, but we call her “da bulldawg”. In derby everyone gets a silly, tough name of their choosing. Not only do I think Rachel is an awesome athlete, I also really dig hanging out with her outside of the skating rink.

I love to watch her skate, because her legs and ass look super toned and strong. I want to feel those thighs wrapped around my head, as I bury my face in her pussy. Thinking about fucking Rachel has become a daily obsession for me. Tonight in the locker room I’m going to make my move…

My chance presents itself in the showers, which happen to be completely empty except for the two of us. Knowing there will never be a better time than now, I walk over to her stall and watch as she rinses the conditioner from her long red hair.

“Like what you see?”, Rachel asks me cheekily.

“Hell yeah, I do.”, I quickly reply.

I can see that my answer has shocked Rachel, as she begins to blush all over her pale body. From the top of her flame kissed head, to the bottoms of her pretty little feet, her whole body is now tinged pink. It’s a lovely sight.

Rachel begins to dry herself off, starting with her hair. “Why don’t I help you out there?”, I say, taking the towel from her hands. I take my time drying her hair and body off, caressing her and feeling her up the whole time.

It was turning her on because her breathing was quicker and louder and she was pressing her thighs together tightly. Lightly pushing her back down onto one of the benches and I dropped to my knees in front of her. Smiling up at her, I ask her if she wanted me to go down on her and she nodded yes.

I begin to kiss her legs. By the time I reach her knees she is moaning and her legs have parted for me.

Kissing and licking my way up her inner thighs I can see her pretty little pink pussy, dripping wet with arousal. I could smell her delicious excitement and it was a major turn on. Leaning forward I snaked my tongue between her lips. I licked her up and down, sucking on her clit. Flicking my tongue back and forth across it, teasing the hood back. Plunging into her pussy with my index and middle fingers. I loved the way her walls squeezed me.

I could feel her orgasm approach and I kept up my licking and finger fucking, riding her pleasure. Wave after wave of release, her thighs shaking and gripping my head. Locking me in place.

I wonder if roller derby will really go like that for me?

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