Roleplay Sex – I Love Fulfilling My Dirty Fantasies With You

Whenever I get a call from one of my roleplay kinksters, I never know what to expect. And that’s my favorite part about having roleplay phone sex. I love when we can create this naughty scene together and really fulfill our fantasies. Tell me about seriously the weirdest thing that has turned you on and let’s make it happen. It gets me so wet to think about that insanely naughty thing that gets you raging hard.

I’ve got a real kink for foot play role play scenarios. I recently talked to a man that just wanted to worship my feet and make me feel like a princess with a pair of stilettos on. Honestly, one of my fav’s is being the naughty girlfriend you roleplay with on the back of a train. You can slip off my shoes and give me a message after a long day. Get my foot ready to rub up against that throbbing cock I know you have under those pants.

I’m looking for someone that can really blow my mind when I want to fantasize…

When a guy I’m getting to know just throws me for an insane curveball and tells me about his massive kink, my nipples get hard. They get so hard that I almost immediately need to rip off my shirt and make him suck them. Feeling his lips wrapped around those perky pink hard little nipples is my favorite roleplay phone sex call.

I also love when we are doing something really intricate. Like exchanging something with our tongues. Or you implant a device into my pussy secretly while you finger fuck me under the table. I love feeling like we’re in a crazy adventurous fantasy and then finish it off by cumming together.

I can’t wait to hear your hot idea’s next…read my most recent blogs to get an idea of what the best phone sex could be like for us <3 and maybe get some ideas…



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