Role Play Fantasy, A Sexual Genie is What Every Girl Wants Until…..

Role play fantasy, just like Alladin my Genie was quite the trickster. To begin with, when making wishes you must be very specific. I had to learn this the hard way.

As a phone sex operator, I get requests for all types of role plays. Most I really enjoy but none more than the ones based on fictional characters that we all know and love.

So when I heard about the role play fantasy where I was to get to rub a dick and get three wishes I was totally down for it.

I met him at the local bar where I was having work drinks with some of the ladies. He walked over and bought us all around and we exchanged some small talk. Every time his skin connected with mine I felt a small sensation tingle through me. Obviously, when he asked for a private conversation I welcomed it.

“Rub me and I will make all your wishes come true!”

His name was Gene and there was something almost magical about him. We went to my apartment and as we started kissing his hand pulled my hand to his crotch. “Rub me and I will make all your wishes come true!” he said with a groan.

I rubbed his dick but never expected what came next. He started to shake and it was like a whirlwind came into my apartment that is when the role play fantasy began.

Somehow he went from regular hot guy to a hot Genie? With a booming voice,  he proclaimed, “I am Gene your sexual Genie and you have three wishes anything is yours for the asking.” I gulped and wondered if I was dreaming but reading my thoughts he assured me I was not.

I smiled and said, “okay I wish a man would make me very wet.” grinning cleverly. Snap, and I was lying in my bed with a gorgeous man. We were making out and he was doing everything right. Licking all my sensitive spots his tongue found its way to my pussy. I settled back ready to enjoy the tongue bath I knew was coming. I closed my eyes spread my legs wider. Suddenly I felt splashing wetness on my pussy. I jerked upward and realized my God-like man was pissing all over me! I screamed, GENE!

Make me wet

“Yes, Mistress are you ready for your second wish?” he said almost bored. Obviously upset I screamed, “This is NOT what I meant when I said I wanted him to make me wet!” Can you try that again? I gave him my most piercing of looks. He looked me in the eye and said: “you have to make it a wish.”

Since I was very horny from our foreplay I said, “I wish to be fucked over and over again. With a snap of his fingers, I found myself in a strange room wearing torn stockings and my body felt abused. There was a knock on the door and a heavyset woman with too much makeup looked me up and down. “Get cleaned up whore, your next ride is on his way up.” Oh my God, I thought sickeningly to myself that fucking Genie made me a whore for this role play fantasy!

I’m a fucking whore!

I screamed his name, “Gene, get your ass here now” he suddenly appeared. Yes, Mistress are you ready for your third and final wish?” he asked as if nothing was wrong. “You asshole, how dare you to make me a whore in a whorehouse?” I said enraged. Shaking his head he sighed dramatically.

So then if this is to be my final wish in this fantasy role play I will be very specific! “Gene, my sexual Genie, I wish to have my very own submissive slave. Quickly I added that he will do everything I say and he will please me whenever I want to be pleased. Finally, he has to be very handsome, tall and strong with perfect muscles.

This time I found myself back in my bed but alone. I looked around wondering if I had simply dreamed that role play fantasy. Suddenly I heard something in my house. I yelled, “Slave come here now”. Appearing in my doorway was a tall dark and handsome man. This man looked like a lightweight bodybuilder. “Mistress, you called me,” he said.

Really, a 2-inch cock?

“Yes, fuck me,” I said commandingly. Without hesitation, he came to the bed opened the drawer in the table. He pulled out a dildo attachment. Shocked, I watched as he slipped off his speedos and I saw that he had a 2-inch cock. In the meantime, before I could move he slipped the strapon into place and slid into the bed beside me. Consequently, I jumped from the bed screaming for Gene but he never came and neither did I because that fucker had cheated me and given me a tiny dick slave.

In conclusion, you should never rub the cock of a sexual Genie because they are tricksters and will never give you the satisfaction you crave. After all, it is just a role play fantasy!

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