Rock show with my baby and it’s our favorite band!

I was so happy and excited for this rock show concert. Pearl Jam finally came back to Miami after years and years of avoiding my fair city.

While some places are known for their music scene, Miami is not one of them. We are no Seattle that’s for sure!
That night I made sure I dressed up in a super sexy and slutty outfit. Black Leather jacket, cute tights, and a cute shirt. My shirt was cut in such a way, that if I took off my jacket you would see the sides of my black, lacy bra. Knee-high boots with a spiked heel completed my look. I felt totally hot and desirable.

The eyes 0f all the men watched me as I walked past them, my long blonde hair hanging down my back. I made sure my man looked good too! Sure, he isn’t my official “boyfriend” but I do love his company. He is always my date for a rock show like this one tonight! The crowd was already packed in when we got there.

Being fingered in a crowd of people is so hot to me. It’s so delicious. By the time he got his fingers inside of me at this rock show my pussy was so dripping wet. Eddie Vedder always does that to me. I love his sexy voice. While my lover rubbed my clit in a tight fast circle he quickly brought me to climax in this sea of people. Nothing feels so good as having a public orgasm at a rock show, while your favorite band is playing your favorite song! I would tell you about the blowjob I gave him and another random guy in the parking lot but maybe you should call to hear that one.

The Best Phone Sex!