Rock Hard BBC for Slut after the March

Rock Hard BBC was my prize for walking in the march! I went to the march not expecting to meet a guy. I mean it was the Women’s March! But there were a lot of cool hot guys there too. I started talking with this hot black guy. He was really cool. He had a nice build and he was really smart. We had talked as we walked through with the huge crowd.

I could tell that he was attracted to me. He kept eyeing my ass when he thought I didn’t notice. I also noticed his big bulge in his jeans. I have to admit all of the excitement and girl power coming from marching, made me horny.

Decided to just put it out there and see how he reacts. “I would really love to fuck you.” I whispered in his ear as we turned the corner to 42nd street. He looked surprised and asked me to repeat myself. “You heard me. Let’s duck out. We can come back but right now I need your big cock inside of me”

He readily agreed with me. Fortunately, his apartment was nearby. We got out of the cold and into the lobby of his building. The doorman greeted him. As we got into the elevator, he pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me. while his tongue explored my mouth, I felt his hardening crotch against my thigh.

We got to his huge apartment. I finally realized this guy is loaded. He took me into his bedroom, pulling off my clothes, one item at a time.

I laid on my back with only my panties on.

He took off his clothes in front of me. I was wet with anticipation. Finally, he pulled that big black cock out of his Jockeys. It was massive, as I was hoping for. I sucked his BBC long and hard and then he finally put that big dick inside of me! It felt so good! We fucked for hours until we both had our fill. We both came hard!

I thanked him for an amazing afternoon and got dressed. He wanted my number but I didn’t give it to him. Sometimes it is hot fucking a stranger with no strings.

Teen Phone Sex!