A couple of naughty fictional thoughts never hurt anybody… Right? These days men don’t seem to satisfy me as much. I haven’t been able to find full pleasure in having mad sex with them and that is how I came across SX Android Version 1.023 and since then, everything has changed.  These thoughts have only made my robot sex fantasy stronger!

Turn me on

The robot was standing straight in front of me as my fingers felt the silky skin-like material covering his body. His eyes were closed, and he was only wearing a tight piece of red boxers. I could see the outline of his erected member, and I got needier noticing how big it is. The lines of his abdomen and all the muscles were well-put-together, and I dragged a finger across them. On the back, a green button was flickering with the text “ON” written in big white letters. That’s the first step to fulfilling my robot sex fantasy… Don’t mind if I do! I pressed it and his eyelids opened as his pink lips curved upwards. His head turned slightly towards me when he started speaking in a calm tone. He told me he is only there to make me feel good and to serve as my erotic android partner. 

Batteries included

My curiosity peaked immediately, his movements were calculated, and he was programmed to follow my instructions. Sitting in front of the android, I pulled the straps of my nightgown, letting it fall to the floor. He watches and waits silently for my instructions. I tell him to touch me and he does. His touch is rough and cold. I mean, when I imagined the robot sex fantasy, I must figure in the hard metal fingers, right? the movements of his arms around my breasts and down to my pussy are unpolished, but right now I love it more than anything else and I let myself be caught in that pleasure. Two digits move in a circular motion against my skin and I demand him to go faster. His own programming kicked at the moment I started moaning and he inserted two long fingers inside my aching core, maximizing the pleasure. 

making that robot sex fantasy more real

I pushed the android back, making him lay flat on the mattress. I climb on top and pull the red boxers down to his ankles. His cock is covered with the same sleek material, prominent veins designed on the side, and the red tip making it look even better than a real one. I give him already erected member two pumps before it works automatically, pulsating at medium speed and waiting for me to feel pleasure. I lean forward, moving my pussy up and down, the vibrating motion which controlled his thrusts growing stronger with each moan. 

Craving nuts and bolts

I demand him faster and the android’s motions quicken while my pussy throbs with excitement. Placing his hands on my boobs and he follows my movements, pinching my nipples and fondling my breasts. I threw my head back from the sensation; it was better than anything I’ve ever felt before. My walls tighten against his erection and I whisper I am cumming. The android releases his artificial seed inside my aching pussy and our juices mix inside of me, dripping down on the white sheets as his movements come to an end and I try to steady my breath. This was definitely an experience I will try again. Of course, in my robot sex fantasy, we would go a couple more rounds…!

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