The beauty of this Djinn would be considered perfection by the man who summoned her. She told him her form is based on his preferences, and he notices that must be true. Long curly hair, bouncing around her exposed breasts, while her face screamed of lust. Her eyes were wide and curious. He continues his gaze over her, and once he gets to her toned stomach, the rest of her body swirls away in a magical smoke whirling around. Her lower body is still this way because she is a genie, but above that is exactly as he would have ever dreamed. He can’t help but hope that this genie grants sex wishes!

The First Wish

She grazes her fingers against the side of his cheek and whispers against his earlobe that he gets three wishes. Her hot breath wrapped around his neck like a firm hand sending chills up his spine in the best way. He knows what he wants. Oh, how bad he wants it. He was a weak man with not many talents. He knew he would never fuck hard enough even if she was willing to, so his first wish was to be stronger. She nods and crosses her arms, bowing before him as he felt himself become stronger. His muscles filled out and a toned stomach emerged from his once-beer-belly. He felt Powerful. 

The Second Wish

She swiftly grabs his face, bringing him centimeters from her lips, and whispers to him that he has two more wishes. Her words push blood directly to his throbbing cock as he continues to think about her, still hoping this genie grants sex to him. However, he knows she is too beautiful for him the way he looks. He mumbles out a sentence asking for her to make him sexy and seductive in nature. She lets out a soft chuckle before nodding her head, bowing before him as he feels his face, body, and even his cock start to change. He runs over to a mirror and he is shocked at his reflection. Soft, fluffy hair and a chiseled jaw, not to mention his new 8-inch cock. Confidence shoots through him as he turns around to her.  

Now he is ready. A smirk over his face, “Now, I wish you would let me fuck you!” he practically interrupts with excitement. Turns out, this genie grants sex wishes; and he is filled with excitement as his cock throbs more. She nods for a moment before the smoke starts swirling more aggressively, eventually shifting into a pair of beautifully tanned, smooth legs. She lowers herself down on the bed in his bedroom and slides up to the pillow.   

Finally, Genie Grants Sex!

Approaching her with his cock out, excited to be fucking his literal dream girl. Surely, no one has ever experienced this before. He slides his cock into her wet pussy finding that even her lower half is now everything he wanted it to be. Her tight pussy grips his dick as her back arches with every pump. Her moans get louder as her dainty fingers reach out for anything as she claws at the bed beside him.

With his newfound strength, he lifts her ass up slightly and leans back enough to watch his unfamiliar cock twitch as it slides into her. He pounds her. Hard. He watches with wide eyes as the genie grants sex to him that is so good he couldn’t even stop himself from cuming! Right when the cum starts to spurt out, she sits up swiftly, almost at what seems like the speed of light grabbing his cock. She leans over enough while looking at him with her big eyes. He can’t help it, and she was so quick, catching call his cum in her mouth!

He backs up, putting his cock away as she wipes a drop of cum off her lips changing her legs to the smoke before his eyes. She takes a deep breath before offering him his third wish. She wasn’t going to make him use a wish on something she was wanting to do anyway. 

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