Roadside Assistance…Pull Me Over. Pull Down My Panties!

Roadside blow jobs can only be better when I’m giving the said blow job to a cop! Well, I know you’ve heard that London’s panties are falling down. And, I will get to that. But, first, we have to get HIS undies down! Hey, it’s not like we’re going to do the dirty deed inside a freaking movie theater.

So, I’m cruisin’ along. I’ve got the top down, my hair billowing behind me as I drive. The title of this says it all. I’m driving above the speed limit. I’m too busy rocking out to notice. I am oblivious as always. Hey, it’s part of my charm. It’s getting toward summer so I’m wearing only a soft purple spaghetti strap shirt, denim short shorts, and matching purple heeled sandals. I’ve got my sunglasses on and a smile on my face.

And then the flashing lights in my rear view mirror take me back to reality. I groan and pull over; easing my car to a smooth stop. The officer gets out of his cruiser and holy hell he’s HOT! He’s got short dark hair and clean cut streaks of hair that starts at his full head of hair and move along his jaw, stopping before his chin. He’s muscular, but not bulky.

Just looking at him has me licking my lips.

I roll down my window as he approaches and prepares myself for some fast talking. I can NOT afford to have a ticket raising my insurance. So before he can even get one word out I say, “Well, hello there Officer. What seems to be the problem?” I catch him looking at my tits, which by the way, are braless under my thin tank top. I made sure the AC vents were pointed right at them to emphasize that point too. It seemed to be working.

He cleared his throat and said “Ma’am, you were going at least 15 over the speed limit.

Do you want to explain to me why you are in such a hurry?” I turn my body a little more towards him making sure he can see my hard nipples poking through my shirt and say, “Oh, of course, officer. See I just love fast cars but especially convertibles! The feel of the engine rumbling through the car as I pick up speed gets my pussy soaked! Just the sound of it accelerating as I press my foot farther down on the gas pedal sends tingles up my body!”

Pretty sure that wasn’t the answer that he was expecting. Nor was he expecting the huge hard on that was growing in his pants right in front of my face. Before he could say anything I reached my hand over the door and gently traced my finger up the length of his erection. “Officer, I think you have a bit of a problem here. And since you already know that I’ve got one too, I think you should do your duty and help me out.” Maybe I could get out of this with a little bit of roadside head. He started to stutter a little and finally said, “Ma’am, I’m going to need you to step out of your car and follow me.”

FUCK! Maybe I didn’t have an effect on him as much as I thought.

I got out of my car and followed him back to his cruiser. He told me to get in the car but walked me over to the passenger side. “I’m going to need you to stay in here with me while I run your license,” he said. “But Officer,” I started, but he didn’t let me finish. He undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock and said, “You can keep that mouth busy doing something productive while I run this instead of talking.”

I wasn’t going to wait to be told twice. My hand grabbed a hold of his exposed cock and started stroking. I got up on my knees in my seat and leaned over the center console so I could get a better angle on him. I knew that giving him a little roadside assistance would probably get me out of this anyway but, damn, with the looks of this man, I would have done it either way. So I started to lick the tip of his dick as I was stroking him but he wanted more. He grabbed my hair in his fist and started fucking my face. It didn’t take long before he was shooting his load down my throat. Started to pull back but he held me tightly down and said, “Don’t spill a drop or you’re still getting the ticket.”

I did as I was told. I took my hand that was around the base of his dick and tightly pulled up to the very tip to squeeze every drop out of him.

Then I stuck out my tongue and licked the last of the evidence from the tiny slit and sat up. He let me off with a warning and said, “Next time I catch you speeding you won’t be able to suck your way out of a ticket. It’s going to be way harder than that. Do you understand me?” Oh my, but the authority in his voice had me drenched. “Yes, Sir,” I said. But even as I said it I knew I’d be trying to figure out how to get him to pull me over again for some more roadside fun. Because if next time was going to be “harder” I wanted it already!

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