There’s nothing like roadhead to break up a boring car ride!

I love giving roadhead! It doesn’t matter how long or short the trip is. The feeling of a guy losing control but trying to stay in control enough to drive is hot as fuck to me! Just last week my boyfriend was driving on what was about a two hour trip. We were headed to visit some friends for a few days. Normally he likes to drive about half way and then switch. I was thinking something a little different.

We neared the halfway point and I reached across the center console and started to rub his thigh. He looked over at me, gave me a little smile and then turned back to watch the road. I moved my hand to his crotch and started to rub his cock through his pants. His eyes shot wide open and he turned to look at me. It was obvious by the small swerve of the car that he was surprised by my actions. When he asked what I thought I was doing I just gave him a sly little smile.

I started unbuttoning his pants and said I wanted to give him roadhead.

He looked surprised but I’m not really sure why, he knows I can be naughty at any time. With his pants undone I reached in and pulled out his cock. Seatbelts are always a pain in the ass when it comes to giving roadhead so I slipped it off, got up on my knees and leaned over so I could comfortably get my head in his lap. I started to stroke his cock just before I leaned in and ran my tongue around the head of it. Tracing my way down to his balls then back up to the top, I covered every inch of him with my saliva before I sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth. I kept stroking his dick as I worked him in deeper and deeper.

It was obvious that he was enjoying himself because I kept feeling him tugging the wheel of the car to get us back on track.

I looked up at him and told him that if he couldn’t drive properly I was going to stop sucking his dick. What good is roadhead if he wrecks the car?!? He agreed to do better and he proved himself to me. When my mouth slid all the way down onto his hard dick he didn’t swerve. I continued working his cock over and over until I knew he was about to shoot his load into my mouth. I went faster, increased my suction and the intensity of my hand pumping his cock until his seed exploded into my waiting mouth!

Then I squeezed from the base of his cock to the tip making sure to clean up every drop before I tucked him back into his pants. I sat back into my seat and wiped the corner of my mouth making sure to lick the evidence of my roadhead surprise off of my finger before I put my seatbelt back on. Do you have any stories of a really good roadhead experience? I’d love to hear about it!! Or even if you have a fantasy about getting it, give me a call and I’ll role play some fun scenarios with you or share some of my other stories!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke