Roads Trips, Boyfriends, Strap-Ons And Anal Sex – Part I

Road trips, boyfriends, strap-on and anal sex. It was the summer of 2014 and I was driving across the country to visit my family back in FL. I decided to bring my then boyfriend Stanley with me. We were driving through the middle of nowhere when out of nowhere he curdled laid his seat back and took a nap. I really brought him along to keep me company, but he did look cute napping, so I let be. His ass was facing me perfectly, which made it hard for me to focus on the road. I sure did love his ass!

I jokingly put my hand on his ass, then pulled away because I knew he was not really into the whole “ass” thing. Well, he’s into MY ass but hates it when I fuck with his. However, this time was different for some reason. Once I pulled my hand away, I was caught off guard by what happened next. He gave his ass a little shake. I kept putting my hand there and then pulling away because I did not know what to do. And of course, I love to test limits.

Anal Sex Is The Best!

He started sliding his pants down until his ass pointed directly at me. His bare, perfect muscular ass was just right there. It was calling to me. Then I heard him whisper, “Come on baby, you can touch, I know how much you like it”. I about fucking shit! Was he for real? Oh yes! I tried to focus on the road, but all I could think about was pegging him. My pussy started to get wet and I could see that his cock was getting hard! FUCK!

My pussy was damn near melting into my panties. I have never been so turned on in my entire life. “Come on baby, I know you want this tight ass,” he said to me. I licked my fingers and then I slid them in his crack and into his ass. He went crazy! His ass was now a sweet mixture of spit and my pussy juices. Oh yeah, I stuck my fingers into my pussy to lube them up for his ass.

I Love Anal Sex.

Fuck this shit, I quickly pulled over to the nearest truck stop and we hopped into the back seat. I told him to wait a sec and pulling my strap-on out of my bag. “Fuck me in my ass, with your big hard dick,” he said. Fuck I wanted him. I wanted to milk that prostate so fucking hard. We laid down next to each other in the back of my car. I did not waste another second. As I stuck my bare hard rod deep into his warmed up ass. He grunted loudly at first and tensed up. But after a few soft pumps, he relaxed and let me take him… To be continued.

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