How about some road head baby

I’m fucking horny today and it just so happens I’m the hungriest for cock on the way to dinner….with my parents. They’ll be meeting my boyfriend for the first time. They live out of town a little ways away so this drive will give me plenty of time for road head right before I meet them. Think they’ll notice?

I wouldn’t doubt it. My boyfriend likes to be rough and really turn me into the nasty slut that keeps his cock hard. I pull that cock out of his pants and swallow it, like a road head pro. I fucking love the way he groans and pushes my head down further, deeper down my throat. He knows how wet I get when I give head and I needed to rub myself during this road head.

It made me hotter knowing we were on the way to dinner with my parents as a couple for the first time. By the looks of it, he needed this too. His balls were so full and tight and just waiting to be emptied. He knows where I like it….my face. I love how slimy it is and I love being a tease on the highway after road head, wearing his cum and licking it off myself.

One hand on the wheel and the other wrapped in my hair, this is the fucking sloppiest road head yet! He’s calling me his nasty slut, and making me beg for more cock as I swallow his whole, I secretly love when he taunts me. He thinks he’s too rough, but I like it rougher. He cums in my hair right when I gag on his girth. All in my hair!!!! I wonder if my parents are going to notice what a slut I am and call me out on the cum stain. Maybe they won’t even notice, but I can tell you this has to be the most memorable road head.

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