Road head is the proper way to pay for a ride when hitchhiking. Slobbering on a  strangers cock was just the icing on the cake of our hot sexcapades!

Jordan and I were traveling across Canada on a sex party fueled fuck-a-thon, when our ride ditched out on us to go home with some hot dick. We didn’t mind, we were too busy enjoying the party, and introducing all our fuck holes to random cocks!;) Dressed like fuck dolls in lingerie, tight skirts and, of course, fuck me pumps, we figured we could thumb it to the border. Road head is always an acceptable form of payment for any ride. We got picked up by a very sexy black man, who was driving a Cadillac.

Our panties were soaked with jizz and sweat from working like whores to drain as many Canadian cocks as we could. We both slid into the front, smelling like cum guzzling whores, and told him we were going to the border. He was rock hard in his pants as we started making out with each other, snowballing the rest of the hot ropes of cum that had been shot in our mouths over and over at the five parties we attended. Jordan’s friends really know how to have a sex party!

Jordan pulled out my huge tits and started sucking them, swirling her tongue around my hard pink nipples. I thought the guy ( named Omar) was going to crash watching us. I pulled up her dress and fingered her pussy, feeling it drip for more fucking even though she was sore. We told Omar that we would give him road head so he could get off and drive at the same time.

I started taking out his thick black cock and going down on him. Jordan was talking dirty to him, telling him I was going to give him a sloppy blowjob.

Jordan was talking dirty to him, telling him I was going to give him a sloppy blowjob, and I spit down his BBC shaft. I deep throated him for a few miles with my ass in Jordan’s lap. She found her way into my pussy and ass with her fingers, and when I moaned, it vibrated his cock in my mouth and I felt his balls tighten.

SWITCH!! She yelled and slid under me. Her road head finished him off. He shot a huge load out of his black cock and we shared it because we love snowballing;)

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