Here’s a little gift for some of you guys looking for stories about the naughty things we’ve done šŸ˜‰

This one takes place in November 2010. I was a naughty little sophomore in high school and head overĀ heelsĀ for my then-boyfriend.. We’ll call him Marco. I’ve always been the girl that the guys can’t tame. They can’t keep me, can’t please me.. Even though I’m as easy to entertain as a 5 year old, and as easy to turn on as a light switch. I got bored of guys fast (still do!). So it was surprising that Marco had lasted as long as he did. I loved to spend time with him, whether it was just to talk, laugh, hang out.. or bring out my flirty side and give him something to work for. So when he invited me to Thanksgiving, I accepted. And I also set my goal on making his lifeĀ hell for a day.The goal? Drive him crazy, but let him have a good time.
How I did it? Tease him – all fucking day. Every time someone turned away for a second, I was brushing past him. Letting him ‘wake back up’ and become aware of certainĀ areas.Ā Brushing against his crotch..whispering naughty things in his ear. I even did a low blow and sent him an extra-naughty pic that I’d taken before, accompanied with a little description of everything I would do to him. Soon enough, he was hiding a boner the size of Texas, and he needed an escape, and some relief. So he high-tailed it out and dragged me along with him. We jumped into his CamaroĀ and he barely made it out of the drive-way before I was all over him again.

I’d never done anything so reckless. but I wanted to drive him crazy.. and I didn’t feel like fucking him and bumping my head off the ceiling. That car didĀ notĀ have enough space for that. The backseat was almost nonexistent. So I went for a little road head. It started with me sliding my hand down his pants, just teasing a little. I made sure to brush against him a little more with every red light. You should have heard the way he revved that thing as he waited, trying to contain himself. He couldn’t find a parking lot fast enough. I think he still thought he’d get to fuck me.. but I knew road head would keep him satiated until that night. And it wouldn’t give him theĀ fullĀ effect that he wanted, so I’d get to tease him more all afternoon. šŸ™‚

I slipped down during one of those red lights, sweeping my hair back into a quick ponytail just so it wouldn’t get in the way. And as soon as I slid down his jeans.. it was game on. Teasing him like hell, trying to make him lose his mind, and also wondering if he could control his driving or not. It’s one of the best memories I’ve had. I got to drive my boyfriend crazy, make him fall head over heels again, fulfilled my need for mischief, and got aĀ serious adrenaline rush for both of us – all in one day.

I’ll make you wish you were mine.

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